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When does a framerate become unacceptable to you?

25fps 109 36.21%
20fps 94 31.23%
15fps 39 12.96%
30fps is already too low 59 19.60%

Anything below rock solid 30 fps is unacceptable!

Even Bloodborne can be grating because even though it has 30 fps rate as a rule, the frame-pacing makes it jitter at times. Look to the newest Ratchet and Clank by Insomniac for how to create an absolutely gorgeous game, with satisfying gameplay and an incredibly stable 30 fps rate. If a game has a framerate above 30 fps, as long as it's stable, it's all a bonus.

Obviously 60 fps is the ideal and I still believe software-houses should aim for it, making concessions where possible.

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curl-6 said:
Qwark said:
Why is 30fps not an option in the poll?

It is.

The fourth option is "30fps is already too low".

Yes but I consider that one as fine and not too low. Everything below 30fps is actually too low for me 

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

30fps is the bare minimum for acceptable gameplay... and no suttering, frame pacing, etc. case in point of recent games I would normally have played that I skipped because of performance: - Bloodborne (I bought this one, could not play more than 30minutes of it) - FF XV demo, I got in a few minutes and did not bother anymore, I could not stand it...  I can play most 30fps titles, but I honestly would take a hit on any graphical setting to get 60fps in them, Driveclub would be AMAZING at 60fps, Far Cry 4 would have been much more interresting, I'd kill for a ps4 NEO patch of Uncharted 4 that let me play the SP campaign at 60fps... so on and so forth!


if you want to be technical about it, 16 is the lowest level where motion can be viewed clearly, 24 is optimized for movies and 30 for games. 60 fps is used to define more accurate motion and helps during fast paced action games and sporting events.

as for me personally, around 22 is the lowest i can stand before turning down the video settings. just to be safe I aim for around 40 fps consistently

If movies run at 24fps, why is it such a big deal for games to be higher than that? Just because people have been told it should be? 24 can still look and play just fine, depending what kind of game it is and what kind of gameplay and aesthetic the developer was going for.

This ignorant wave of gamers acting like frame rate and resolution are the end-all be-all of what makes a good video game really needs to stop, but only education can fight ignorance, and if they don't want to be educated, well...

Recorded images with adapted, clear-cut and static layers cannot be compared to real-time rendering which responds to controller and directional input by a user in interactive environments. Especially if you're sitting up close, as is the case with a PC monitor for example. 24fps on my 32" display at my current resolution would be simply terrible. I don't think it's uneducated to appreciate higher frame rates, if anything, the more casual consumer cares a lot less about this and the ones who prefer higher frame rates are usually the more tech savvy gamers.

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I wanna hear from more of the 34 people so far who voted 15fps.

So you're saying 20fps is just fine to you? Teach me the secret of your ocular resilience! XD

I can deal with 25 or so. Once it goes below that it really starts to become noticeable for me.

In most media, 12fps works as a bare minimum (some animation gets away with less). Games require much higher rates, depending on how important reaction time is. Turn based RPGS can typically be fairly low. Platforming, fighting, and shooting should really be as close to 60fps as possible.

Locked framerates are preferable, but a little variation is okay if it is seldom and allows the overall game to perform at a much higher rate. Example: 60fps with rare dips into the mid-to-low 50s is preferable to 30fps locked for most games.

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After MCC, I can't play Halo at 30 fps anymore. Night and day experience.


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JRPGfan said:
Cobretti2 said:
10fps and below.

15fps and above is fine for me.

The screen tearing on every frame of the X1 version, that is amazing. You know for me I'd honestly consider torn frames to be far worse than a low frame rate, as long as the game is responsive and playable I'll not head to digital foundry or have a cry about it. We had a laugh playing through the Broforce port 3 player local co-op on the ps4 I would say that hit single figures at times but still was a enjoyable game, again an issue which did make it far harder than frame rate was a graphical bug with a monsters texture missing, that led to some very annoying deaths but framerate.... not gonna tear up about that too much.

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