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Nothing, it's a silly concept that only works when companies release consoles at relatively the same time as each other, which isn't happening with the NX.

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To me, a generation is a construct whose meaningfulness depends on its intuivity. It's useful when it can be defined intuitively, but when it can't be it's useless and shouldn't even be tried to be defined. That is, with the current direction the industry is taking, the concept of a generation is becoming less and less meaningful.

The traditional generation thinking can be expanded a bit by talking about a console company's own generations, but it's becoming harder and harder to divide all consoles into generations. This is because the release times aren't so periodic anymore, and the consoles themselves seem to be taking different directions. And even the division into each console company's own generations could become problematic as the release cycles become shorter and each console iteration is closer to the one before it, including high compatibility with its predecessors.

So yeah, it's becoming a useless construct.

Ruler said:
Intrinsic said:

Simple answer to your question.

If you can play NX games on a WiiU, then the NX is an 8th gen console.

A generation is simply hardware that comes with its own exclusive games and accessories over any period of time.

Neo plays every PS4 game and is compatible with every PS4 accessory and every Game made under the Playstation 4 banner or accessory will work on both skus. So it's still an 8th gen console. not that complicated.

And if consoles become hardware agnostic like how PC stuff is, then like the PC we will cease to have "generations" in the console space. Which I think is what this is all really about. 

Why sell 100M consoles. then toss all that away and start all over again investing billions in R&D and marketing when you can spend a fraction of that cost and just iterate on the hardware and keep going and selling to the exact same install base. 

Exactley, this

LOL - by that theory Wii U is generationless because I can play NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii gameson it



Cobretti2 said:
Ruler said:

Exactley, this

LOL - by that theory Wii U is generationless because I can play NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii gameson it

digital remasters, not your previous cartridges. And you cant play Wii U games on the Wii 

It is defined by the predecessor/successor relationship of flagship consoles.

It's been defined that way for over 30 years.

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When Sony releases a new console.

pokoko said:
In the end, it's an artificial concept that people put way too much emphasis on.


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Exclusive games with a decent bump in power compared to THE COMPANY'S previous gen. The NX will have its own unique features, games, and services when compared to the WiiU. That is what makes it 9th gen.

The Neo is a slightly more powerful PS4 with no exclusive features, games, or services. It will run the same games but at a slightly higher performance level. That is what makes it 8th gen.

Not that hard...

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Cobretti2 said:
Ruler said:

Exactley, this

LOL - by that theory Wii U is generationless because I can play NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii gameson it

LOL at you, you just have to read. He gave a good definition that works for your example. The Wii U play NES games, but the NES don't play Wii U games, not to mention incompatibility for accessories, so they are different generations.

Anyway, it could be the end of the generations as we know them, but in this case just like the PC, it will rise some questions about compatibility. I can't imagine developpers keeping full compatibility with hardware more than 10 years old. Which means compatibility between PS4 and PS4.5 would be lost at some point.