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Your thoughts on the NX?

NX needs to be stopped. W... 52 23.64%
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The NX needs to be shown.


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StuOhQ said:
E3 2015 wants its thread back. I was salty about this for a while. The reality is, they've laid too much groundwork already.

Nintendo should've kept tight lips about the NX last year and announced "Paper Mario" and the "Pokken" port @ E3 (ending the show with a second teaser for "Zelda U". That would have given us no reason to doubt the future of Wii U and they could have unleashed the NX on us this year.

Instead, they created a backlash amongst fans and killed the (then growing) interest in the Wii U.

What growing interest? The system has been a turd sales wise pretty much from the week after its launch to today. 

In NPD sales it's had like 2 (*two*) months above 100k in its entire life cycle outside of Nov/Dec. That is pathetic, even the Dreamcast I'm pretty sure did better than that. 

In Japan it got a boost from Splatoon, but even then it's weekly sales were anemic at 10-15k/week. 

The PS4.5 is not the PS5. The NX will probably be very distinguishable from the Wii U while Sony just releases the exact same console with minor upgrades and lets you pay twice of you are stupid enough to fall for it.

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vivster said:

It's splitting the Nintendo userbase!

Just imagine this. You just bought your Wii U, you're enjoying all the nice games and you're perfectly happy with it. Then suddenly Nintendo announces a new console. A new console that not only does play Wii U games at a better performance and visuals but even has a bunch of exclusive new games and features. They're probably even stopping releasing games on the "old" console because of this.

I mean what was Nintendo thinking? They're splitting their userbase, basically making Wii U owners second class citizens. There are now over 10 million customers who are angry at Nintendo because of this yet they continue to go forward with this. They're gonna ruin all the good reputation they've build with the Wii U.

Consoles are built to last and not to be replaced with a new model after a few years. Have they even thought about how much of a strain that will be to their developers? They will now have to develop games for 2 different platforms and for most that's an impossible task, so they'll be forced to only develop for the new console which will leave all Wii U owners in the dust.

So I beg you Nintendo, just end all the rumors and the NX nonsense and stick to Wii U, like your fanbase does.


So my guess is that you have this same sentiment for Sony and their PS4 Neo upgrade only 3yrs into the PS4's life cycle? Yeah I didn't think so...

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Ck1x said:


So my guess is that you have this same sentiment for Sony and their PS4 Neo upgrade only 3yrs into the PS4's life cycle? Yeah I didn't think so...

He's trying to force the scepsis towards the PS4.5 in the various other threads onto Nintendo and their current situation which is completely different from Sonys'. But he misses the point that it would be stupid for Nintendo to not launch a new console, while it would be incredibly stupid for Sony to launch the exact same console one more time but with minor upgrades. These are completely different situations that are not comparable at all.

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The WiiU will likely be 6-7~ years old before Nintendo fully gives up on it anyway, to me that's a healthy gap, better than an extended console generation that we had with the 360/PS3 that's for sure.

I would have *probably* bought a Wii U if NX hadn't been announced though, there were a few titles I was interested in playing, hopefully they get ported over.

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StarOcean said:

I want to know whatll happen here if the NX fails miserably. I feel like the meltdowns would be priceless as well as make the NX fetish this site has worth enduring

I have a feeling we'll know right away if it's going to be a failure. Like, during the unveiling we'll be able to tell. Just like the Wii U.

If does end up being bad though...it's going to be really rough on this site for a while. Between the endless bashing and the equally endless defense...yikes.

Personally, I hope the NX is good. But I honestly don't expect it to be.

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Troll thread is troll thread. It's been 4 year's, traditionally Nintendo consoles traditionally are realised 4-6 years apart. It's about damn time!

Also, may I present to you, the Neo PS4!

I hope NX bombed hard. Nintendo fucked up with Wii U marketing in the West, and now everyone blame Wii U itself in it's failure, not the dumb NoA.