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Frank (fkusumot) is a valued member of the vgchartz community. He contributes heavily to bettering the site and I know he puts a lot of time and effort into makeing the tags for everyone who asks. I think many people here would like to show there appreciation some how. And for me this seems like a good way.

I would like to donate vg$50 to his account.
And if I can't do that then a toast too Frank, fkusumot.

I would also like to thank PDF and _XBrawlX_ for their contributions with site suggetions.
And I think everyones apperciation for the mods and ioi goes without saying.

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I would like to thank Kazadoom for his entertaining threads on religion.

He is a gem, isn't he?

A regular Jack Nicholson, without the creepy smile.



I join to the tribute to Frank, he is a great guy and a great contributor to the site

and also thanks to all the staff from this great site :D and to everybody who makes this a nice place++

EDIT: and also to mesoteto for all the great cat pics :) 

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MontanaHatchet said:
He is a gem, isn't he?

A regular Jack Nicholson, without the creepy smile.


You're a regular Robert Redford, without the awesome handsomeness.

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I never see fkusumot discuss games. Is he only lives in offtopic/website pages?

if only there were a official thank you thread. if only somebody were to click the thread in my sig. hum.

but, on topic thank you everybody.

I didn't even know fkusumot still came to this site...

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