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I just started downloading Sunset Overdrive, Lords of the Fallen and The Wolf Among Us for free, fuckin awesome. I will be busy tomorrow.

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And now I wish I had never bought the game in the first place. Well I haven't bought Halo 5 yet Microsoft

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Damn! Why can't PS4 get a game this good on PSN+

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Downloading it now, same with saints row. Won't play it till Wednesday probably though. Got doom beta till sunday and firefight beta till tuesday

Sunset started off kind of annoying and not funny. Then, it because an obsession. I envy the people trying it out for the first time (and for free, no less!). They're in for a great time.

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GOTY 2014, So much fun to be had in this for anyone just picking it up and one of very few games I actually enjoyed spending many many hours jumping around collections 100's of collectibles.

Blob said:
Just finished it yesterday. Once you get used to the moment mechanics, and the game actually allows you to use all the movements, it becomes great fun. Just push through the first bit is my recommendation

Glad you've said this. I actually bought an XB1 for this (along with a couple of other games) and so far it had been a massive let down. Not too worried about having bought what is already a free hand though as I paid like £15 for it.


But yeah first couple of hours are pretty damn dull.

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Best new ip this generation so far.

Great game, started slow but became one of my favorites.

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