Rumor: The Pokemon Company courting Hollywood for “big-budget live-action movie”

Forums - Movies Discussion - Rumor: The Pokemon Company courting Hollywood for “big-budget live-action movie”

I think such a thing would be terrible. Objectively even.

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If it is done like the commercial ala Who framed Rodger rabbit with a mixture of live and cgi it may be good.

The idea that Sony would make a Pokemon movie is weird

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No thank you.

I can think of so many things going wrong with something like that

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Oh please no. Please tell me this is a hoax.

I can't see this being anything other than 'worst movie ever' material...

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You guys are being too dramatic over this. It doesn't have to be crap, even those XY/GO commercials looked good and we're talking about a big budget film.

CGI film would be superior

I think it could work if they handle it well. Keep the tone of the series, but put it in live-action, and I might actually check it out even though I don't watch the show anymore.

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