Rumor: The Pokemon Company courting Hollywood for “big-budget live-action movie”

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Guys its so simple. Remember the episode Island of the Giant Pokemon in season 1? When Ash and the gang and Team Rocket get stranded on a Pokemon amusement park full of gigantic robotic Pokemon?

That's what this move could be. 

Of course the Pokemon won't be robots and their sizes would be what they are in the games. But the setting of finding a new island full of different creatures could be used pretty well for the first live action Pokemon movie.

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Interesting development.

I wonder how...

Please No, make it CGI, make it whatever you want but NOT LIVE ACTION

I dont like the idea at all.Live action for pokemon seems like such a horrible idea.

It would certainly be ironic if Sony had the rights for the movie though

I hope not

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Live action pokemon movie?


Live Action.


Make it happen.


Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

Live action.... 

[Sarcasm] I can see WB getting this and making an adaptation of Pokemon Black just because they can. [/s]