Is upgrading 720p to 1080p worth it?

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Is it worth the upgrade?

Yes 107 70.39%
No 33 21.71%
I don't know 3 1.97%
See Results... 9 5.92%

It is absolutely worth the upgrade.

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Maybe, it very depends from what distance do you watch TV. If you watching from distance 1-1.5m you would notice difference between 720p and 1080p, but if you watch your TV from distance 2m or higher you will hardly notice any difference between 720p and 1080p resolution.

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A lot harder to collect for here in holland.

I do wanne re start final Fantasy 6. And keep playing suikoden 2!


Maybe also star ocean the first departure.

If money is an issue at all for you though, you should consider getting some of the slightly upgraded versions of the PS2 games which came a little later, Persona4 on the Vita or Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness from the PSP instead of their original PS2 games, not only will some of them be a whole lot cheaper than trying to find their PS2 versions but some have a whole lot of added content over the originals and play really well.

If you are going full on PS2 mode though I recommend picking up a set of component cables for it, I made the change over to using component rather than old composite a while ago and the clarity of the image is really noticable, I've just been torn between playing games on my PS2 slim via component or using my 60gb PS3 via HDMI for the PS2 games (well happy I own a launch model version of that system).


Nintation360 said:

I'm getting a new tv REALLY soon. But sometimes I think its not worth it and im wasting my money lol. I currently own a 32 inch 720p tv. I want an upgrade to a 32 inch 1080p TV so I can fully enjoy the FULL resolution of the PS4. This is the TV Im planning on getting



Is it worth upgrading? If you find a better tv around that price let me know!  

I am also willing to go up to 42 inches if  you find a good tv deal! 

I did look at the TV you mentioned and it appears you can get brands like LG, Samsung, Sony ... etc for arround the same price.

32 inch is fairly small by todays standards . I would at the very least consider a 40" or larger screen. If you are getting a screen larger than 55" I would also consider a curved screen  since you can sit closer to the screen which gives a better immersion.

Depending what size room you have you should consider something larger than 32 inch and because you have a PS4 you definately want to display 1080p.

As for what brand of HDTV well it would be best to look at some reviews. Cheapest price is not always the best and it may be worth spending the extra dollars in getting something that will last for a couple of years.

You could even look at 4K or UHDTV's however you should know that 8K will be out this year and the price will not be cheap initially, but within a few years 4K will be sidelined. In many ways a 1080p HDTV will be fine for quite a few years to come since there is very little content for 4K much less 8K. Still you may be able to pick up an equivalently sized 4K TV relatively cheaply -- Look at the reviews.

No matter which TV you get you should get one that has two or more HDMI connectors and preferrably an optical or coax out for audio. You can buy some quite nice multi channel 5.1 hi-fi systems quite cheaply (under $300) that look quite nice and can really shake the house if you turn up the volume.

Annother feature of a HDTV you may wish to cosider especially if you like fast paced games is the refresh rate of the HDTV. For instance your game will appear crisper if your display's refresh rate is 120Hz or better. Unfortuantely this does come at a cost, but in the long term it is worth it.

Do some web searches on at the very least a 40" HDTV (check out an equivalent sized 4K as well). In the US a 40" Samsung, Sharp, Sony or Toshiba can be had for arround $300 -- check out: http://www.amazon.com/  You may also want to check out larger sized HDTV's as well. A 55" or larger may be more expensive ($100 to $300 more) but the differnce is definately worth it although this depends on  your budget.  Also please note their refresh rates , if it has two or more HDMI ports and also if it has coax and/or optical out.

Note: You may want to consider a cheap but very nice sound system as well.

I have a Z623 THX 2.1 on my PC and I have to be carefull to turn the volume down at night (does not take optical or coax in though) however when using a 3.5 mm audio in, the sound from my PS4 (via my PC monitor) is great.

For the living room I would reccommend a Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 and this does take optical and coax input as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack, it even has a simple wireless remote.

The reason why I mentioned what is essentially a computer sound system is that they actually do look quite nice (this is subjective), sound great, are fairly cheap and are very simple to setup. You can get better but you are definately going to paying more. You can also get cheaper as well but it is still worth paying a little bit extra.

The PS4 can output 7.1 audio but setting up a 7.1 sound sytem means more audio cables on the floor unless you are a home handyman and can install them in the walls or ceiling. A 5.1 sound system is very easy to set up and don't be suckered into bying expensive speaker cables the thin ones are fine. Likewise HDMI cables are quite cheap and should not set you back more than $10.00 if you need them, anyway you should have one that came with your PS4.

Yeah 1080p really is worth it, there's a big difference between 720 and 1080 very noticeable to me. But it depends on how far you sit away from your TV. I don't entirely agree with this graph and believe 1080p is worth it a little further away then they say but it's probably a good enough guide for whether you'll notice the difference.

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Yes, 1080p is A HUGE upgrade from 720p.

If you have a PC with a 1080p capable screen, go watch a youtube video at 720p and fullscreen it, then go watch the same one at 1080p and fullscreen it. There's your answer.


720p = 921,600 pixels

900p = 1,296,000

1080p = 2,073,600 pixels 


If you don't notice the difference, then I recommend seeing an optometrist. (eye doctor) and getting some glasses or contacts.

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32" is kind of small, how far do you sit from your TV?

A good test would be to load up a youtube video on your laptop/desktop and switch between 720p/1080p and see what the difference looks like to you. Try and mimic the size/distance ratio you'd expect from your 32" tv. Presumably your moniter is smaller, so move it closer to you then your tv would normally be.

Buy an used 1080p plasma Tv of your local kijiji. You will not regret it, trust me, LCD is dog poop comparing to plasma.

Plasma fades over the years, buying that second hand you never know what you'll get. Could have been used sparingly, could have been on almost around the clock.

A future proof 4K tv is north of $3000 in Canada. You need one with both Dolby vision and HDR 10. The logo and specifications for HDR has only been determined recently, start of the year. Buy a cheap one now and you won't have HDMI 2.0a with HDR rendering. That would be like buying a 720p set with 1080p just released.

Anyway if you want something cheap as a stop gap, 40" for 299 doesn't sound too bad
It's not gonna do wonders, no clue what lag it has. But you're just not going to get a whole lot of TV for $300 with the low Canadian dollar atm.

As others here have said the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 32 inch tv is huge. Just think in raw numbers it is 33% increase in pixel space. I had an old 720p 32 inch tv in living room and even PS3 games didn't look right on it compared to 1080p in my room, it felt like I was playing PS2.5

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Skeetys said:

Yes, 1080p is A HUGE upgrade from 720p.

If you have a PC with a 1080p capable screen, go watch a youtube video at 720p and fullscreen it, then go watch the same one at 1080p and fullscreen it. There's your answer.


720p = 921,600 pixels

900p = 1,296,000

1080p = 2,073,600 pixels 


900P (If we maintain the 16:9 ratio) is 1,440,000 pixels.
Rarely is 900P used in a 16:10 ratio.

Most 720P TV's I have come across are actually 1366x768 panels.  Which is 1,049,088 Pixels and do benefit with content that is higher than 720P (Aka. 1280x720). Albeit only slightly.

And go 4k. Don't look back.