How do you think Ratchet and Clank (film) will perform at the box office?

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I forgot about The Jungle Book! Uh, oh. Sandwiched between two guaranteed huge blockbusters...

I know "Daddy's Home" did well with those who didn't care for Star Wars, that Sister movie did well with those who aren't up for Deadpool, and Greek Wedding 2/The Boss are vying for the dollar of people skipping BvS but between The Jungle Book and Captain America, there isn't much room for anybody else to thrive.

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I think it will do fine, but not rake in nearly as much as a DreamWorks or Pixar film. I wish they picked a different week though. Too many big movies are coming out around that time.

I feel like they're not promoting the film enough either. Sure, most of us gamers are aware of it, but it doesn't seem to have many ads on TV or in the theaters.

Honestly, I think it COULD BE huge. Kids would gobble up Ratchet and Clank.

$30 million low end, $50 million high end. It depends if the marketing is there and gamers come out and support it.

Modest budget, modest marketing presence, hopefully a modest success that could lead to bigger projects in the future.

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It will make the money back for sure but I don't see it being a bigger hit than the likes of Frozen, Toy Story or recently Zootopia, it's marketing is mostly aimed for kids so far from the network ads.


If it had Pixar level marketing I'd say it had a chance of doing well (but not Pixar well). The marketing seems to be pretty minimal so I think a lot of potential audience won't even know it exists. If Sony is confident in the movie being appealing perhaps they are hoping for a viral / word of mouth campaign that makes the movie a sleeper hit. Unfortunately Captain America is being talked about as the greatest Superhero movie of all time, if that's the case then it's going to suck the air out of the box office for weeks, and R&C may just get lost in the noise.

I will go see it at the cinema if it gets a Rotten Tomatoes score above 50%.

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I'll say they'll make the money back. It will be okay critically, metascore around 50-65.

I've actually seen alot of advertising for it, but it's not out in Australia until like June or July.