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SuperNova said:
Norse mythology is so ritch and interesting in it's own right, that I think they would really do themselves a disservice trying to fit Kratos in there.
It make it come off much more like a pallette swap, rather than an actual interesting game in it's own right.
It would be a much better idea to make this a legacy series imo.

That's a terrible idea, God Of War is one of the best franchise in all of gaming. IMO I think those who don't play GOW games should not talk about whether the series should continue or not, just like I never tell others that Mario and Zelda games should be discontinued.


Palette swap? You know that each game has its own distinctly different levels, puzzles, boss fights and secondary weapons? I wish people would play games in a series before commenting on them, Kratos is just one aspect of these games. He is the God Of War, but he isn't the game.