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United States of America...umm...I'm trying to think of something positive as the random fact. Hmm...this may take a while. Lol

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Some days I'm from Spain, some days I'm from Catalonia, depends on which side makes me feel less embarassed.

As for the fact... We think we're the shit, but are nothing more than a lousy fart.

Please excuse my bad English.

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I'm from USA, and the country is incredibly diverse and each state has things that make it distinctly unique from the rest of the country.

USA.. I'm surrounded by idiots, but I'm sure it's like that everywhere.

I'm from Ireland, it's shite...

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USA, where every Happy Meal comes with a complementary gun.


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Planet Earth. It has water and shit...

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I'm from Brazil. And we are at a huge political crisis.


We do in fact ride kangaroos everywhere.

We call "shrimps" prawns, actually. It's put another prawn on the barbie... You people!

England - We drink a lot of tea