Pachter: Lame Games like TLG and Shenmue 3 Won't Sell Many Units

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I wish I could hit the ignore feature on patcher like seriously.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

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He might mean lame as in lame sellers, but still we really need to stop feeding already. Complaining about him wont make him go away, only ignoring him will.

Late April Fools? No wait it's Pachter, nevermind.

It’s an okay title but outside of Japan, how many millions of units will it sell?

2 more multi-million sellers for PS4 basically confirmed, thank you Pachter

S.T.A.G.E. said:
The Last Guardian needs to sell well to justify the length of its development. That timeframe is insane. Square wants Final Fantasy to sell 10 million copies and the timeframe of development was insane.

They just want 10 Millions, they don't need 10 Millions, Tabata once stated that the Game's Budge isn't much different from other western games like The Witcher 3, he also Stated that the game don't have a Budge like GTA V. they canceled Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and started once again, so the Development costs are not that much, isn't 10 years of development, because they started again, so is like 3-4 Years of Development, and Final Fantasy, have several tittles that sold nearly 10 Millions of units.

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Who is this Patcher, and why people give so much attention to him ?.

TLG and shenmue 3 is now guaranteed success.

Wow, Pachter is such a brilliant man. Truly no one else could see that Shenmue 3 and TLG won't sell many millions!

So they will sell millions. Thanks Pachter

The OP title seems out of context if you read the article.I dont think he means that games like TLG are lame but that the blown up attention it gets after being delayed so much is lame.

I dont know for sure, but the article is strangely worded.