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Yes and bad mistakes- Ive made a few :-) 49 35.25%
Yes too many 15 10.79%
No regrets they don't work they only hurt! 75 53.96%

I do not really regret anything, but out of everything I played my PS TV the least. Despite disliking the Wii and DS and sort of the 3DS, I still had a lot of fun with them. The games made the best out of the poor hardware imo.

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I regret not writing complete

I regret buying a XBOX ONE. what a waste

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I don't necessarily regret buying this, but I do regret buying my PS4 so early. I got it around launch time for $320 and since then, I've barely touched it. I knew I would be getting one eventually and thought it was a great deal even though there was nothing on the system that I wanted at the time. There are plenty of games coming in the future that I want to play for it, but if I would have waited I could've bought it for less.

The rumours about the PS4K are making things even worse now.

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Only ever bought Sony systems so don't regret them at all. Have a pc too. Don't regret it either but it wasn't bought with gaming in mind.

Acevil said:
Vita TV is a bit regret, because I think it failed on what could have been one of the strongest things it could have done which is play netflix.

when vitaTV was announced i thought it was going to be amazing and then they filled in the details of what exactly it is and i was all like "wft".  i should have been a great product and instead it was a poorly thought out cash grab.


i do and don't regret my wii.  i'm certain i got my monies worth but i was still really really really disappointed in that system.

i should have regetted my 360 more than i did.  i barely played that thing.  definetly didn't get my monies worth out of that.

The Xbox 360 slim version, my first Xbox because I could not find any exclusives that were good besides for Alan Wake after hearing so much about it having the best games, I felt even worse about it a few months later when my ps4 went on a redlight of death and realised that I could have used the money to grab a new ps3 and I spent 3 or 4 years to get back to gaming once I got my ps4. The xbox 360 ruined 4 years of gaming for me and limited me to the odd must have multiplat, always looking in at ps3 from the sidelines and feeling foolish and disopointed.


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Acevil said:
Xxain said:
PSP is phenomenal when it comes to being a emulation device.

Honestly PSP itself is not a bad device, it has decent amount of gems. 

Absolutely, but ease of emulation should have been a market point.