Ratchet and Clank: 14 years later. The original vs the Remake.

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Not sure if anyone has posted this but, I was SO blown away by this video, I just HAD to share it. It's, essentially, a side by side comparison of one of the missions from Planet Aridia, but 14 years later. There are so clear differences; mixing up gadgets, and sequences from planets but, overall, this is looking fantastic to me. I am beyond stoked to play this game!



Edit: yeah I've never posted a link in one of the forums before, and I'm on my phone... But it works, right?

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Still gotta play the PS3 trilogy. As much as I enjoyed the first three I got burnt out pretty quickly. The release of this will probably make me start again

This will stand as one of the greatest looking games in history for at least the rest of the gen. It's beyond gorgeous.

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Now this is what a remake is supposed to look like!
glances suspiciously at the other non-ps4 remakes.
I wonder if the media will take notice of the huge differences?

looks great. the original trilogy on the ps2 are some of my fondest memories in gaming (I bought all of them day 1), so I hope this game turns out really well. it's a great series.


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not exactly blown away but it looks very nice and it's what other remakes should strive for.

Also embeded 

Wow that's incredible! Stopped watching after a few clips though. Don't want to see too much.