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is poken tournament online any good, or is it unplayable like SMASH? i mean lags so much that u feel like throwing ur wii pad to see if it will stop

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It's nearly flawless for me. I did like 150 battles and I think I've only had lag in... 2 or 3 battles. And I could finish the battles without any problem So, yeah, it works really well. And I don't know if you've played Smash recently, but it works fairly good. Not as good as PT, but it's really acceptable.

It's amazing, the matchmaking is the one of the best aspects and if you have a good connection you shouldn't have any lag issues.


It's great for me, no lag whatsoever!


It's surprisingly great. No lag and quick matchmaking.

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I don't have the game, but I played a bit at a friend's and when I tried out the online mode, was very surprised. Lag barely exists.

Very good. Ive had q few cases of lag but only when playing really, really late and getting paired up with people well outside the ideal range :P . If you play at normal hours you should be virtually flawless. And the matchmaking speed is absolutely insane.