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I previously had a 2DS. I had been reluctant to get into handheld gaming, but Club Nintendo from my WiiU purchases provided me with DKC 3d and NSMB2. Then I got smash fever and scored the 2ds for $80 on a pre-black friday deal.

Recently got a N3DS XL for $175 and had no trouble transferring my 2DS data to the N3DS. This process deleted data off my 2DS after it transferred, but was able to redownload all my previous eShop purchases with no difficulty. That said, people who tell you that your eShop/Nintendo content is locked to the hardware are being deceptive. That's only true to the extent that your eShop content only exists on one 3DS at a time. So in my case, I didn't need to repurchase anything.

Had planned to sell the 2DS for $ to fund the N3DS purchase, but managed to get a trade from a buddy at work for Kid Icarus : Uprising, Castlevania : Mirror of Fate, and Kingdom Hearts 3D. 

Though 2DS was serviceable for gaming while traveling, 2DS to N3DS was a very, very worthwhile upgrade. More comfortable and better suited for adult, home use. Recently picked up ALBW too and it's one of the best Zelda's I've played!

I really appreciate the extra speed/power it has over 2DS/regular 3DS along with the improved 3D. There's a large backlog of 3DS games I've yet to try as well (Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem, MK7, Pokemon OR/AS and X/Y). While these all could have been fun on the 2DS, I really feel I'm getting way more out these games with the N3DS.

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Good for you! Besides the price the 2DS never interested me.

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Thanks for the information. Been thinking about upgrading myself (same upgrade as you) and you have definitely convinced me to do so. Will buy the New 3DS XL Fire Emblem Fates Editon when it releases in May.

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spurgeonryan said:
Good for you! Besides the price the 2DS never interested me.

Your profile pic makes it sound like you're  extremely ecstatic :)

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Nice, I think the best part is the improved loading times. Loading and downloading takes time but it's significantly faster on the n3DS

Nice to see you enjoy your purchase!

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You should get Xenoblade and some Super Nintendo VR games to fully take advantage of the new 3DS.


Keep the 2DS and streetpass yourself


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Congrats! I upgraded recently myself from the OG model, and it's a huge difference. Definitely the best handheld I've owned...the giant screen is a godsend.

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pbroy said:
Keep the 2DS and streetpass yourself

Stop it, no one cares about streetpass .


Nice seeing more people getting into the N3DS :P

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