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Wow, hard to say fake.

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The lack of buttons is really alarming.

Hmm seems like everyone already has theirs, where can I order mine??

ktay95 said:
Hmm seems like everyone already has theirs, where can I order mine??

Are you a developer? go ask nintendo for yours, maybe they forgot to send it?

JRPGfan said:
Guitarguy said:
Is the premise of it just a smaller(more cost effective) Gamepad??

Maybe not more cost effective.

But its thinner and lighter by the look of it.

Also new = no physical buttons, instead touch screen interface allows you to make as many buttons, placed where ever you want.

Think about it, animated buttons.

You cant do that with a normal controller.... might be cool.

Most big AAA multiplatform games make full uses of all buttons nowadays. Touchscreen buttons are very limited with what they can offer if the iPad is anything to go by. The real problem is the lack of physical feedback from touchscreen buttons.

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I just dont get it. It's a worse, nerfed gamepad.

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Looked at the reddit post, I have my doubts now. The confidential sticker is the main one, because, well, why would they put a big-ass sticker at a GDC showing if everyone there knows it's confidential. Secondly, the GamePad right next to it makes me wonder why it's there if it's a showing of some sort, unless there's this half-brained idea to sell more GamePads by making the NX controller garbage. Forward compatability isn't something you show early unless you're worried about the new product. And most importantly, Nintendo's always been about ergonomics. That does NOT look comfortable to hold with the current football shape, and even with he GamePad one could see how it COULD be comfortable due to the grooves. This is cell phone thin, with what looks to be no raised grooves on the back, which makes me very much question the designer behind it. No way Nintendo would even design a prototype that looks that poorly designed as a gaming platform.

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"confidential property" taped to the side? Is that normal at this stage?

Also doesn't look very ergonomic to me...

I like it.

wowwwww so its real. Looks slick, I wonder if there will be tactile overlay with the haptic feedback.