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Good sales. $$$

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jason1637 said:
Good sales. $$$

The app is free.

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It was a given that the first Nintendo app would be downloaded very fast out of curiosity.

Now we have to see if the app stays popular and is used a lot or if it is perceived as boring by the majority of downloaders.

John19 said:
That was really fast, although not that surprising seeing as mobile is huge in Japan.

...Mobile is huge everywhere is this a joke?

Well, this is new.


Ljink96 said:
Is this app intended to make money? Like, are there ads involved? If so, Nintendo's gonna make a killing on this. I think it's new, fresh, and something we need on the bland social app space.

I think that out of all the apps they release this fiscal year, Miitomo will make the least money by far. It's clear from the way it's being monitized that that isn't their primary or even secondary motivation with this.

Also, there are no ads. They are monitizing by selling currency for optional clothes. Currency you can earn for free in game.

Its TF2 hats, only you can get all the hats for free by playing the game.

Well, this is new.


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u have 1 million Nintendo fans signing up, lets see if they can expand the user base!!!

Nintendo needs to remove the bottleneck stopping you from searching for friends freely though. If anything will kill Miitomo, it's that.

Well, this is new.


I'm not surprised, it looks great:

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The PS5 Exists. 

Not bad.


For a mobile app, it was expected for me.



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