If Sony made their own Amiibos would you buy them?

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Would you?

Yes 42 20.90%
No 131 65.17%
Maybe 28 13.93%

No. I have no use for Amiibos.

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Me personally? No, but the far more interesting question is whether anyone at all would buy them on the whole.

And my answer is PSABR.

Well, this is new.


As far as dlc goes I'd rather not but I think some characters in ps1 style graphics would be cool kinda like the 8 bit Mario but a 32 bit snake or crash

No, because I find them to be less interesting now after buying a few of Nintendo's. They're pretty cool at first, but after a while I didn't do anything with them.

I would buy the Demons Souls and Bloodborne ones.

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Um, no.

There is nothing wrong with people wanting Playstation Characters Figurines, but attaching DLC to them?


I don't think so. Not a fan of amiibos.


I want Great Games, not another excuse to remove game content and then seal it behind a SonyBo toy.

No, I already got the only game-related figurine you ever need: http://tinyurl.com/grvoeq3