The 6 Biggest PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive Letdowns to Date?

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The 6 Biggest PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive Letdowns to Date


Generally, exclusive game releases are something we all look forward to and highly anticipate. They’re incredibly important to both Sony and Microsoft because they are one of the deciding factors for gamers trying to choose between consoles. So when exclusives are a letdown, they are a big letdown. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you purchased an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 to get exclusive games which totally missed the mark.

Here are the 6 worst letdowns so far!

6. DriveClub: PS4



This was a game that PlayStation players really looked forward to. The graphics were beautiful, and the developers talked about all kinds of features that should have been nothing short of fantastic. We were going to get a huge open world to explore and awesome multiplayer interaction. A ton of gamers went out and bought the PS4 just to experience DriveClub when it released.

And then it did release, and what an embarrassment. The developers even called it one. Gameplay was really basic and didn’t provide much in the way of customization features. Multiplayer existed, but it didn’t work very well, probably because the developers just skipped the beta phase outright. So what we ended up with was a buggy release and a sub-par game—definitely not a game to compete with Forza. So yeah 

5. Ryse: Son of Rome: Xbox One

4. Street Fighter V: PS4

3. Titanfall: Xbox One, 360

2. The Order: 1886: PS4

Read the rest and see the final one at the link below.


Do you agree Vgcharterz?



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Driveclub? Driveclub is widely known as one of the best, if not THE best, racers of current gen. I'm assuming the author has never seen the thousands upon thousands of 'the game that keeps on giving' comments on forums. But thank goodness the printed word has no baring on the reality of gamers loving it.


The PS5 Exists. 

I find interesting that most of them failed to meet their expectations due to being heavily focused on the online side (and failed).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Titanfall and Driveclub are far from letdowns imo.

I'm a massive Halo fanboy but, I just didn't like Halo 5s single player at all. No amount of blue team could cover up my disappointment.

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Driveclub had a bad start, but I wouldn't call it a let down anymore with the absolutely ridiculous post launch support.

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Driveclub is brilliant, best racer of its kind since PGR2 on Xbox.

Ryse and The Order are definitely worthy of being on the list.

I like Street Fighter V, haven't played the others

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I'll do Sony as they don't get enough negativity lol.

#1 - The Order 1886
#2 - PS2 Backward Compatibility
#3 - Paid Online
#4 - SFV (To be amended)
#5 - Driveclub (amended)

They haven't really fucked up that much this gen, and I'm aware that Driveclub is a good game as I own it. The launch was bad though and I can't really think of any other notable things I feel like they've done wrong this gen. Even still, the Ps2 emulation thing was not cool and the fact that we went from free to paid multiplayer is irksome, but by no means a game changer for me.



EDIT: PS+ and PS2 Remasters are exclusive to Sony so... >_>

Titanfall launched without problems and had a fairly solid playerbase for a while. How the hell is it a disappointment? I can at least see Driveclub because it took a long time and a lot of broken promises to get to the current, good state it's in, but Titanfall? No.

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Titanfall is not an exclusive though its on Xbox One along with Xbox 360 AND PC. Thats 3 platforms!

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