Best Wii U game of 2013, besides 3D World

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Pikmin 3 61 39.35%
Rayman Legends 26 16.77%
LEGO City Undercover 18 11.61%
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 9 5.81%
Wonderful 101 17 10.97%
Need for Speed Most Wanted U 4 2.58%
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag 3 1.94%
Call of Duty Ghosts 4 2.58%
Splinter Cell: Blacklist 3 1.94%
Other 10 6.45%
HylianYoshi said:
You're on point with these Wii U discussions, curl.

Cheers man. :)

Just thought it'd be nice to look back at the system's early life for a change.

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When excluding 3D World, which was great, I really, really need to think hard about what else I bought that year. Really terrible year. I think I only got Wind Waker HD besides 3D World, was just not interested in anything else. So yeah, remaster Wind Waker it is.

Removing 3d world basically removes all my options. Wait Luigi U came out the year.
Other: Luigi U.

While I really enjoyed rayman legends - I hated it on the Wii u. I co-oped that one with a friend, and neither of us wanted to be the fly.

The "press x" system on the playstation 3,4 (and I assume microsoft products) was just so much more enjoyable. I also hated it on the Vita.

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Probably Monster Hunter Tri G...too bad MH4 didn't get the same treatment.

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Wind Waker HD but that was a remake so I'm excluding it


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Pikmin 3, for sure. In my opinion it's even better than Super Mario 3D World.

Plus, I'd nominate Rayman Legends when it comes to third party games.

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I believe Wind Waker HD to be the best.

If we're excluding remasters though, I'd say Pikmin 3 for sure. Looking back, 2013 was actually a pretty solid year for the console (not as good as 2014 or 2015 for me, but still great).

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It's funny that ever single game on that list except Pikmin is third party. While I never forgive Ubisoft's handling of the game, Rayman Legends is the best.

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I guess......ughhhhhhhhh......Ghosts?

Was a bad year.

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Pikmin 3 remains one of the best games on the system & better than 3D World

So, Pikmin 3

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