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Both "Halo 4" and "5" were quite bland. They need to be driving the series with inventive new scenarios, character driven dialogue, and faster pacing. Instead, it feels like 343 is just recycling old ideas and stretching a 20m television plot over six hours of gameplay.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
sales2099 said:

Is it too much to google this stuff? Wikipedia? I mean if we have Halo story fans who can't be bothered to use the ever present internet to casually look up story details of a game we like to play, then what real authority do you have to have an opinion of how 343 handles Halo's story? Don't mean to attack you, rather trying to pick your brain, I am genuinely interested in the non-lore Halo fanbase.

That said, your second underline I will retort that instead of taking priority, 343 made them on the same level as levels, AI, and gunplay. Because with Bungie, story and and graphics always took a back seat. Playing the entirety of MCC, I didn't really notice a real difference in how the AI is or how the guns feel. If anything Halo has always been known to have weird marine AI, and Halo 2/3 shotgun was incredibly weak. Halo 4 shotguns had that weight and power of Halo CE shotgun, to name an example.

sales2099 said:

Halo 5 as of now is a totally different beast then when it launched. The amount of post launch content it has and will have by summer.......is more then any other Halo before it. Its weird.......Halo 4 gets the campign right and mucks up the MP. Halo 5 is the opposite. They now know what works and what doesn't, so hopefully Halo 6 gets it right on both levels.

And see your second paragraph is why there will be constant bickering among the fanbase. You are entitled to your opinion; you don't have to care about the mythology deeper then the games themselves. That said, would you really prefer the games to follow in the Bungie tradition of being "Halo lore for dummies"? Halo lore has always been rich, and its about time 343 showed that. I rather not have Halo end up like Star Wars: Play the story safe and in return, retconn all the extended universe for the fans who actually followed more then just the movies.

Sorry it took so long to respond!

First of all, thank you for responding in such a civil way. We might disagree on a bunch of topics, but I'm glad we can do so in a respectful way :)

I'll try to address all of your points. 

First, content in Halo 5. Yes, it's getting a ton of content, but it really should have been there at launch. I'm getting exhausted by game publishers - whether Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo - handing out content in pieces weeks or months after launch. It doesn't matter if it's Halo 5 or Splatoon. When I buy a game I want a complete package.

Next, single-player and multiplayer in 4 and 5. I'd actually argue that 343 botched both the campaign and multiplayer in Halo 4. Both made weird concessions to Call of Duty, whether with quick-time events in the campaign or loadouts and ordnance in multiplayer. Level design was poor on both fronts. And the story, while it did build upon the Halo mythology, wasn't entertaining. The game is far too chatty, for lack of a better word. And the relationship between Chief and Cortana became embarrassing.

With Halo 5, 343 improved the multiplayer experience - no doubt. It was a return to arena combat. And, like I said before, Warzone is a GREAT addition. Although its success is somewhat mitigated by the requisition system/microtransactions. However, the single-player campaign is just so pedestrian. It barely feels like Halo anymore. 

And, finally, 343's take on storytelling. To be frank, it IS too much to Google this stuff. When I boot up a game, or read a book, or watch a movie, I expect the storyteller to tell an understandable story. If I, as a consumer, need to do research in order to enjoy/comprehend a story, then the storyteller has failed his or her job. I have no problem with Halo fans who read supplementary material. When I was younger I devoured Star Wars books because I loved the universe so much. But I never had to consult a Star Wars encyclopedia or visit Wookieepedia in order to wrap my head around the movies.

Fair enough, agree to disagree


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)