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These ads are ridiculous. ^^

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What are the good ways to improve the quality of ads on a website?

LemonSlice said:
What are the good ways to improve the quality of ads on a website?

For the website? Probably changing the ad provider. I suspect the reason the ads are what they are though is that the current ad provider pays more than the others to have their ads on the site. Basically if you want cleaner ads, it's probably not going to pay as much. If someone here is better informed, feel free to correct me though!

As for the user, you can block the ads. Or if you're using Firefox and don't want to block ads, you can block tracking elements... Which pretty much ends up blocking all ads anyway because most ads track the user. >.<

Ads are partially determined by the cookies in your browser and web history.

I haven't had porn ads on this site.

In any case, we've notified the site owner about this. We're doing what we can to get the ads dealt with.

HylianYoshi said:
spurgeonryan said:
Yeah mobile is really bad. Wii U too. There are ads that make it I'm possible to do anything.

I myself haven't had too many problems in terms of the Wii U, with the exception of the type of ad that comes from the right side of the screen that barely lets you click anything on that side.

Mobile is garbage, though. True tresh.


Yeah that one on the right. Besides chartz, it is impossible to click on anything on the right on Wii U.

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The mobile version of this site needs fixing asap. I hate how difficult it is to click the stupid hide button on the ad and I usually click something other than what I want. So annoying.

Firefox+Adblock+Mobile Site= No Porn! For me at least.

*still has nightmares of a porn ad that took up his entire screen*

I don't see ads on this website, as I use adblock.

I don't even attempt to use this site on mobile though


Most of the ads ruin this site on mobile. Being at work and having a porn redirect however, it is pathetic. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs their head checked.

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