No motion controls for Zelda: Twilight Princess HD SAVED the HD remake version.

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Normchacho said:
hershel_layton said:

lol why are you missing out on the pro controller? Much more comfortable than the horrendous Gamepad. I use it for almost every Wii U game. I wish some wii games were compatible with it

Because Smash is the only Wii U game I still play and I have a wavebird haha

Ah, I see.



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I hate thumbstick controls. I might be in the minority of people who had little issue with the sword controls in Skyward Sword (I do have the unfair advantage of being trained in swordmanship, so I know what positions they were aiming for)

I think the Wii U overall's worst feature is the gamepad. Alienating the Wii fanbase was the direct reason the system failed. It's ironic, the one feature that helped them have the top selling console of its generation out of 4 generations, they abandon.

So you could say I'm annoyed that TP HD doesn't have motion control support. If the NX doesn't offer motion controls, I can already predict another flop system.

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PAOerfulone said:

The key to not sucking with the motion controls is to NOT flail your arms all over the place like you're trying to swat a moving fly. Slow, steady, smooth, and patience wins the race, this is especially important in Skyward Sword.
Haven't bought TP HD yet, and I was kind of expecting no motion controls and I'll admit it was for the better since they were really just slapped on so that the Wii could have a Zelda game at launch that makes use of the motion controls in some fashion, rather than actually make the most of them like with Skyward Sword, (although to be fair this was 3 years before Wii Motion Plus so the technology wasn't quite there yet.)
I'll buy eventually when the time is right, and I know it'll be worth the purchase.

it should work faster than that.  That's not how you swing a sword

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It would have been optional, so it would have made exactly zero difference.

I think it really should have had the option for the people who wanted to use it.

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