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"It's going back quite a number of years now, but the DS and its dual-screen format helped deliver some intriguing narrative-driven gaming experiences. Fans of interactive storytelling with a grown-up approach may recall three particular DS releases that provided some notably stylised narratives on the portable - Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. The latter two were moody detective-style tales starring former NYPD cop Kyle Hyde.

Unfortunately Last Window was the last game that development studio CiNG produced before going bankrupt. Now, however, Arc System Works is publishing a story-based adventure game - Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division – Distant Memories - being led by the director of all three of the aforementioned DS titles: Taisuke Kanasaki. The project also reportedly has other former CiNG staffers on board.

As you can see below it looks set to have a handsome art style and is a detective story at heart; we're not sure whether the character is actually Kyle Hyde, or just someone rather like the moody protagonist.

In any case this is coming to the Japanese 3DS eShop in the Spring; whether it comes to the West is likely dependent on its success with that initial launch and whether Arc System Works believes there's popular demand for the title in the West."


Myself I'm feeling very optimistic about this coming to Europe and America as Arc System Works has a very good localization history, eShop distribution is cheap, and Kyle Hyde games are already a known commodity in the west. This is absolutely fantastic news, I'm a huge HUGE CiNG fan.

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I thought he was blond. But The Last Window was great and absolutely want to see Kyle Hyde again.

OMFG YES YES YES!!! This better come to the west or else I'll cut my wrists with paper.

Hell yes, I'm so ready for this!

The detective guy looks like a mix between Kyle Hyde and Richard Robins.

The hype is real, loved the Kyle Hyde games and Trace Memory, pls come to the west.

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Never heard of this series before.. :/

May keep a look out for this game..

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Platina said:
Never heard of this series before.. :/

May keep a look out for this game..


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Fuck yeahhhh I loved Hotel Dusk, can't wait for this.


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I thought Trace Memory was okay. It could have been better but I absolutely loved Hotel Dusk, even though I had to suspend disbelief and accept the fact that everybody in the world who is vital to solving Kyle Hyde's mystery just happens to be in the same exact hotel at the same exact time. I was disappointed when the sequel didn't make it out of Japan. I definitely hope we get to revisit the Hotel Dusk series. We're starting to see a trend in gaming where a lot of obscure games that we never thought would see the light of day again are getting some attention. Maybe it'll happen here.

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