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Indeed, 2016 is looking promising for the console, many publishers are getting interested by it, except for Sony, even their PR is ditching their own console, it's practically dead in the US. I don't know what can help it there, still struggling or doing okay-ish in Europe while doing good in Japan and Asia.
I think Sony needs to spend some money marketing it, now that it has a constant flow of games.

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Tokyo Xanadu, Digimon World Next Order and the new game by the Persona 1/2-producer are coming for PSVita.
Awesome games.

Death Stranding, PS4-Release: November 8! The Last of Us 2, February 21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvG-EpPoCCA

kooltrex said:
Noice got one last year and am loving it looking forward to the new stuff, also WHY DID YOU LEAVE OUT ODIN SPHERE?!?

Odin Sphere is looking nice on PS Vita, definitely going to be a great game!
But there are so many other great games I didn't mention. It's impossible to mention everyone. ^^

But here is a list of almost every upcoming PS Vita game in English. :)

I have fallen behind a bit for various reasons, but I still buy fair amount. I think DOA Extreme 3 might be my next buy. I'll say it again, Vita is a personal favorite, and and a criminally under rated system.

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Talk about being deader than dead?


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