Would you contribute $ to remove VgChartz ads? (Poll up)

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I'm willing to donate up to x_ per month

1$ 8 5.67%
2$ 3 2.13%
3$ 3 2.13%
5$+ 5 3.55%
10$+ 1 0.71%
20$+ (I have money to burn ok) 1 0.71%
Keep the ads, I pay nothing 85 60.28%
I particularily like the porn ads 35 24.82%


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According to the poll we have a potential 20$ now lol.


I do love how they are giving us the charts, but im now here for the community!!!!

+ The ads don't really annoy me.

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The numbers used to be updated weekly, now they only update monthly.

Most the work done on here is via moderators, Web designers and writers who are volunteers.

The site is rubbish to run on mobile and loses half its functionality.

The site is making money, but no one but the owner is seeing any of it. Not even Machina who has taken up more workload is seeing any of it.

I would consider paying if the site was up to scratch, but it's far from it.

Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

No way, if Im paying any money its to build a new site run by somebody who still cares about its users.

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Even if everyone would contribute 5 bucks every month it still wouldnt be enough to offset the loses from the ad revenues. VGchartz has sales numbers and a huge data base. The vast majority of visitors here arent forum members, so it makes sense to have agressive ads.

Trucks and I have a system like this in the works, but it's more than just 'pay for no ads'. Trucks is hoping to have it finished in a matter of days.

And to answer the question - yes, and I intend to be the first to sign up :p

If it'd stop me from possibly having to see porn on my phone again, then sure, I would consider it...



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I find this topic particularly interesting considering what is in the works. And with what is coming, yes


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Nope. You'd be rewarding bad behavior. Easier to just use adblock. That way when they start getting less money they will look into the issue and go "oh its because of the porn".

All paying them is going to suggest is that the more instructive, disgusting, or obnoxious the ad - the better they will get paid.

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