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Not even a DQVII release date 18 7.09%
Paper Trash 89 35.04%
SF0 as always 17 6.69%
Federation Force is alive! 61 24.02%
At least we have a ND *shrugs* 69 27.17%

-Federation Force has been in developement since 2009. I'm so confused. Did it really need that much developement time?
-Why is the Revelation part of FE Fates avalible only for special edition? WHat if I can't find any? There is NO reason for this. And we still don't know if the european version will have all of those problems the american has.
-Nice news for Kirby, I knew they would use the Triple Deluxe engine once again. I'll pass on this, though.
-SMTxFE looks amazing. Shame I don't have a WiiU.
-Why did Nintendo leave the Atlus and NIS 3DS games with the Nindies? Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter got their part. Advertise Stella Glow a bit more, I'm fearing a bomb bigger than S.T.E.A.M. in Europe.
-Nice to see news on Project Guard, but it should have been part of Starfox Zero, not an eShop title.
-News about Flipenote! And Rythm Heaven! I thought those would never come!

6/10. Nothing really new for me. But the leak already spoiled the Direct for me. At least I'll be able to preorder the Fates special edition now.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I'd say it was average. Wii U is a commercial failure of a system, so I'm not sure why people are surprised that Paper Mario on Wii U is along the lines of Sticker Star. That being said, I'm looking forward to Star Fox: Zero, I'm interested in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and I'll keep an eye on Paper Mario: Colours.

3DS was obviously much better. Yo-Kai Watch, Fates, Dragon Quest VII, new Kirby, Monster Hunter: Generations and Rhythm Paradise looking good. Federation Force still looks really underwhelming. I'm hoping the SNES games are cross-platform (as in, free download to New 3DS if you own them on Wii U) but I expect, in typical Nintendo fashion, they won't be.

To sum up: Wii U content was as expected, with Tokyo Mirage Sessions coming a little earlier than expected. 3DS was actually slightly better than I expected, with a couple of dud announcements, but plenty of content to keep me occupied there. Not sure what people expect at this point: Wii U has failed, and is resource consuming and fiscally expensive to develop for. 3DS demands far smaller investment and has an install base five times the size, with the benefit of Japan only games awaiting localisation.

I'm guessing the justification for no English dub= game underperformed in Japan, so less costs for English VA. Still lame, but I'm guessing that's the reason.

Ok I guess?

7/10. Good announcements, didn't expect the Paper Mario to be announced so soon.

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If we ignore the elephant in the room, it woulda been atleast decent for me. Half'assed SMTxFE localization, wasting time on unnecessary Zelda ports and Pokken, and Starfox 0 looking even more like Starfox 64 without multiplayer were unfortunate, but more Splatoon updates and a new Kirby game coming so soon is mega hype, and honestly Federation Force doesn't seem too bad, atleast gameplay wise, and it's good that it still exist.

Pavolink said:

I'm very concerned that Nintendo just don't want to hear. They are so stubborn that now I fear they could ruin even further.

I'm with you in this. Though I enjoyed the Direct, well, I'm worried about Paper Mario. A lot. I'll wait until we get some information about it, but another Sticker Star? Oh, man... 

I'd give it a 7/10.

We got a new Kirby game, Rhythm Heaven, MH Generations and a nice look at DQ VII (but not even a month release window!).
SF0 looks to be shaping up quite well as well. I have to wonder if those rumors of a delay were overblown and whatnot.
Federation Force looks okay as well. If I were Nintendo I would try to maybe change the artstyle a tad but all in all it looks okay.

Color Splash though looks less than desirable but I'm not to going to whine and complain like many others feel the need to do.

I rate it 7/10.
While I did enjoy Sticker Star, I can't say I want the console version to be the same way. However, I think it's too early to say that it WILL be Sticker Star 2.0 given how little they showed. It just really looks like it might be. I wont jump to the conclusion until I've seen more footage.

Given how quickly they went through a lot of it, a lot of things were said and if it weren't for the leak, I'm sure some of these things would have stood out as better.

I give it higher than many of you guys simply because I really really liked the Super Mario Maker update and SNES on New 3DS (I love SNES games).

7/10 for me. it wasn't that bad and new games for both systems is good.