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Not even a DQVII release date 18 7.09%
Paper Trash 89 35.04%
SF0 as always 17 6.69%
Federation Force is alive! 61 24.02%
At least we have a ND *shrugs* 69 27.17%
Pavolink said:
Ultrashroomz said:
It was alright.

Hyped for SMT X FE and Rhythm Heaven.

New Paper Mario looks like crap though. :/

It hurts man. It hurts. Waiting for a TTYD sequel so long, yet they keep doing this shit. (loved SPM)

I agree with this. I really didnt like sticker star.... I dont understand whats wrong with just makeing another normal rpg like TTYD was.

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I especially liked:

Splatoon updates
Star Fox looking better
Star Fox guard is interesting
new Kirby game looks good
New Paper Mario game (looks good and looking forward to it, even though I would have prefered something more like the first 2 games)
Rhythm heaven

Would have liked a new Zelda trailer but I know its coming so I can live without it

edit: also really like the small Mario Maker update

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7 out of 10
The way they are getting Dragon quest, Monster hunter to the west and believing in these titles
The 3DS is supported by a larger library, while WII U is supported by larger games as they keep expanding the ones we already have (Smash, Mario Maker,....ETC)
I liked star fox showing, Pokken also looks like a different experience than Smash
I liked this direct

For Wii U : (4/10)
#FE looked good. Starfox looked okayish (Project Guard added value I think, it went from a not buy to a okay buy).

For 3DS : (8/10)
Dragon Quest VII rework (its no longer a 2D sprite game) but a full 3D one = wow.
Bravely Secound looks amasing as well.

Monster hunter looked pretty nice too.

It was rubbish, but I barely care any more.

NX can't come soon enough.

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10/10 - best Direct ever.

Nuvendil said:
Azuren said:

The games always felt great to me, I guess I overcame that "clunkiness". I do know what you're talking about, though- it's very awkward compared to traditional games.


And yeah, totally. Here's a sample of MH2(DOS) from PS2:


Compared to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:


Improvements are minimal (mostly only benefitting from higher resolutions). While I'm appreciative that they put function over form, I'm upset that they've completely ignored form for over a decade.

Yeah, I think not going balls to the wall with a big console MH is, IMO, a huge error in terms of appealing to the west.  It's a gosh darn ONLINE COOP GAME.  It's ALWAYS going to underperforming in the west when confined to handhelds.  And Nintendo not pushing as hard as possible for Capcom to do so is a massive missed opportunity.  Heck, go in 50-50 funding wise.  I really like MH4's controls and feel based on the demo but I have a hard time convincing myself to buy it when I know that every aspect of the experience is hampered by the platform.  

Honestly, I'd prefer a PlayStation/PC/Xbox game at this point. Nintendo has not proven itself in the online field enough for me to say "Yeah, I totally want to play an online co-op game on the Wii U or NX." Crapcom needs to get their shit together and understand that if they want to sell in the West, they need to appeal to the West. That means going where their online crowd is... Which isn't Nintendo. Monster Hunter on Nintendo has been a wasted effort since day 1.


There needs to be a new Frontier game including all monsters (yes, including ALL the monsters from previous Frontier games) and mechanics (including swimming, you swimming haters- they can just make every swimming quest optional and unnecessary to advance). Release on PS4/XB1/PC with as much cross-server play as possible and release yearly updates including any new monsters/weapons/mechanics other games may have introduced and charge for said expansion. Heck, they could release the core game for free, but make it so that it only covers G1. That way players can try it, get hooked, and purchase G2-5, with future expansions increasing the difficulty by five tiers each time. Throw in a Real Money fashion shop (only aesthetics, no gameplay changers) and Capcom would be looking at a lovely cash cow.

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spemanig said:
zorg1000 said:

It would fail with a dub as well, dubbing it would just make localization time longer and more costly with little to no impact on sales.

I disagree.

What in the world makes you think this game ever had any chance of success in the West?

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Super_Boom said:
StarOcean said:
1/10 One of the most garbage Directs Ive ever seen

Star didn't like it...


I think you mean...

"Star didn't like it..."



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Volterra_90 said:
spemanig said:
Oh, also lol at a"new Direct format." New format my ass.

Well, in Europe Shitaba danced to Yokai...


And bonus points because he pronounces "battle" like "butthole". ;)

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