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WC4Life said:
I seriously cannot understand how anyone could think this 5-6 years fixed hardware generational thing would last...

Because otherwise you have to convince the fast majority of the casual console buying public that they should spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware every 2-3 years?

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It looks more and more like MS is going for Steam. They wanted a digital only console and the more they integrate the two, PC and X1 via the windows store, the more they are heading back to their original vision. The only difference is that it won't be as blatant as during the launch of X1.

It won't be long before XBL becomes a part of gaming on the PC with the additional benefit of it working across all their platforms, meaning more for less. It is far too much money for MS to lose out on to, abandon it or ignore from the PC gaming crowd.

I like the idea of it as it will hopefully mean cheaper games digitally hopefully but whether MS does this and how well it compares to steam is a different story.

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Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

Spencer reiterated the company’s commitment to abandoning console sales figures, in favour of monthly active user (MUA) data

“We didn’t choose this metric to hide something,” he said. “In fact, we’re more exposed because it shows how many people are actually using our platform and service every month and reporting that publicly. We’ve done it for the development community who want to know how many people they can get to by building these games. This is the success metric that all of you should be looking at.”


 So not revealing the xbox one's hardware is not hiding it's lack of success? haha. Anyway, they are not trying to unify PC and xbox one platforms. First of all, It's windows 10 and not PC. Secondly, windows 10 users with gaming capable PCs will be able to play some xbox one exclusives. The xbox one won't be able to play any PC exclusive games and steam. It's not a unification of anything. It's just them adding more value to windows 10.



zero129 said:
Chazore said:

I'm aware but as far as things have goner with the platform, you can choose to upgrade to multiple OS's, not only just MS. I don't like the path MS is taking so it's obvious I'll choose one that isn't windows 10.

But thats the thing if your a Gamer your other choices are pretty limited with the number of supported games compared to Windows.

With more developers supporting DX12 this doesnt look likely to change anytime soon. Unless Steambox's and SteamOS and Volcan take off in a big way Windows is pretty much the only choice for a gamer when it comes to PC gaming.

I can live with that and it;s not like WIndows will remain that way for all of time either, time changes everything.

Also there are devs out there that are going to support Vulkan so it;s not like there are zero alternatives out there.

I really don't care if it's the only choice, I don't agree with MS's stance at all. Tough luck for me but I honestly don't care for them at this point and I'll game how I've always gamed.


dang I just want xbox to be a totally different product than their windows products. Kinda like the xbox 360. Stop putting exclusives on PC and stuff..

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Good on Microsoft to jump on this first.

It works for smart phones, PC's, TV's, tablets, pretty much every other electronic. Prices start high, come down quickly due to faster replacement, up to consumer to decide when to upgrade.

Hoping Sony & Nintendo follow suit (not necessarily with PC but with upgradable consoles)

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The idea of upgrading my console every other year or so and still playing all my old games and getting better versions of the new games is extremely enticing. Better than being stuck with the weak consoles we got for another 4-5 years.

zero129 said:
OneKartVita said:
Will the increased pc support effect the sales of the x1? It has to. The sales are already low and struggling against the competition. How can I gain momentum when there's another viable alternative.

The will be a more powerful X1 releasing, so i imagine that will boost the sales alot. All games now are forword and backword compatible.

You want to play MS games and 3rd party games but dont care about Graphics? Buy an Xbox1.

Your only into consoles and want to play the best looking MS games and the "best" looking 3rd party games? Buy an Xbox1S/Xbox10..

You want the best looking MS games and the best looking 3rd party and 3rd party console exclusive games Buy a windows10 PC.

You want to play them MS games on the Go? Buy a Windows 10 Phone.

Its clear to see where MS is going with this. Console install base is not whats important its "Total User" Base thats important.

For instance it sounds much more better if MS is looking to get a game on their platform to say "Well we have 80 million users on our Platform" instead of "We have 20 million users on our xbox1 systems".

But what i also think is, if MS release a more powerful Xbox1. Sony might follow and release a more Powerful PS4. This could be the end of our normal console gens.

No, what would happen is what happened with Sega, the Console would not sell, the Developers would not support 10 Versions of the same console, and the  console would die.


People need to understand that Microsoft, already is selling Xbox One, the cheapest possible, making a lot of other versions would cost money, and the Versions would be expensive like Steam Machine, and would have Little to No Support, who would support a User-base that is splited, rather than support the Multiple times bigger Playstation 4's User Base ?.


And the "Total User Base" is not what is important, the Console User Base, is the only thing that matter, if you release 20 Versions of the same Hardware, you can end up having people Purchasing multiple times your Hardware, and this means that you will sell less Software for the previous one, and Microsoft, cannot make Everything Cross-buy, each version would make a Return small for the Third Party companies.


Steam's 200 Millions of users spend over 2 Billions of US$ On Steam, more than 500 Millions on Dota, and Counter Strike.

Playstation's 80-100 Millions of Active buyers, spend over 12-15 Billions of US$ with the Brand, so the Console user base give much more money than Pc's User base.


Microsoft, would only sell first party tittles on PC, would lose Third party sales of Xbox One, and would never be able to compete with Steam, because with just 1 Click, you can change from Windows Store, for Steam, in the same device, the same is not possible on Consoles, and Steam, have better deals, and better pro-gamer policy.

Aaaand it's nothing. If you can get game to work on xbox porting it to windows is already trivial. Vice versa won't happen though unless it's a graphically undemanding indie. Yearly new xbox versions? Yeah lets fragment the xbox userbase and make complete transition to PS4 easier for devs and users.

Honestly seems they don't have any idea in what direction company should develop anymore  and just try everything a bit while in panic. Cloud, always-online, backwards compatibility, touchscreen OS for desktops, windows tablets, desktop apps for gaming console.

Normchacho said:
WC4Life said:
I seriously cannot understand how anyone could think this 5-6 years fixed hardware generational thing would last...

Because otherwise you have to convince the fast majority of the casual console buying public that they should spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware every 2-3 years?

only if they want to play it at "very high" or "optimal" settings

as PCs are forward compatible older Xbox PCs will still be able to play the newest games for a decade or longer, but with reduced quality/resolution/framerate

on the other hands MS gets to cash in from people who always want to play the games at their best settings/ have the newest box (like people who always want the newest smartphone version)