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It's a lot of fun could be a bit longer though, I beat the game with all the fruit collected in 3 days(real life days).

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Pikmin 3 is absolutely fantastic. People talk about that "Nintendo magic", and for me this game delivers that like few others.
Once the campaign is beaten, the challenge mode delivers for months to come.

Miyamotoo said:

Problem with Pikmin 3 was that was delayed several times (initially plan was to be Wii U launch title) 

Not only that, but it was first announced in 2008, so for fans of the series it was a 5 year wait from announcement to release, and a 9 year wait from Pikmin 2 to Pikmin 3.

I love Pikmin 3 but I do not think it is crazy unappreciated. It sold well, critically did well, and fans still like it. Imo I think it had bad marketing and still managed to do quite well for itself.

Before I bought my WiiU, this was the game I was drooling over the most. The game is everything the WiiU stands for: fun, charming, colorful and unique.

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Great games, here's hoping Pikmin 4 makes its way to Wii U as well as NX.

It is my favourite out of all 3. The gamepad made gameplay much more fluid imo.