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I take Galak Z and maybe download Broforce.

Overall its a really bad month.


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Boutros said:
That's the first time I think GwG beats PS+.

I'd say GwG has been beating PS+ for months now.

looking forward what Japan gets

I think this might be the first time I'm not interested in any of the PS+ games for a month.

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When my PS+ is up I am done with it.

Horrible line-up... Playstation has really killed PS Plus...
Where are the AAA-games? What was the last AAA-game for PS4 in PS Plus? Infamous: First Light in January 2015?
Remember the time when we got 2 big AAA-games for PS3 every month? It would be enough for me to get 3 AAA-PS4 games for the whole year but even this isn't happening...

A weaker month for sure, oh well.

Since I like indie games and can enjoy PS+ games on all 3 devices (PS4, Vita, PS3), I had fun with at least 2 PS+ games even in the weakest months.

Next month, I'll probably only play Galak-Z of the new PS+ games. Broforce and Super Star Dust HD are also fun, but I already have them (not Sony's fault). Too bad that they didn't throw Super Stardust Ultra (PS4) also in the mix, but only the PS3 version. And is the Vita version of Galak-Z still in development? Will it be cross-buy?

Kudos to Microsoft for their March selection! Sherlock Holmes C&P, Borderlands and Supreme Commander are all great games and Lords of the Fallen also seems fun. Yeah, PS+ also had 2 of these games in the past, but only the PS3-version of Sherlock Holmes C&P, not the PS4-version on par with the XBO-version.

Galak-Z and Last man for me.
I have plenty unfinished AAA games lying around anyway :/