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Just started it last night, only a short way in but my god its lovely looking. Some sections are amazing.

Production values very high. Gameplay is good so far.

I'm not really here!

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Have it downloaded but haven't started yet. Been too busy at home and work, wanna be able to dedicate time to it. Everything I have seen thus far has looked amazing, can't believe only a week or so ago people were catching feelings over resolution.

And the reception over the story/cut scenes from gamers has been surprisingly positive as well.

game is nice to look at and I don't mind the film grain which adds some ambience and mood.  It's just the odd glitch that appears here and there to getting some weird effects that hurt my eyes that spoil the game from time to time.  The night scenes have that moodiness that you get from Alan Wakes on the xbone.




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That last gif was taken from this recording but I kinda made look like something else was happening..




The only thing that bothers me at all with the game is Shawn Ashmores crazy eyes. Otherwise i'm enjoying it so far. :)

I think its a bit short and a bit rough around the edges. I don't normally watch much TV either and I found myself quite gripped with the TV episodes in this the build up for them I was gripped. The first one I didn't know what to expect and found it a bit slow but I am glad I didn't skip any of them.


sorry guys am I overkilling it with the gifs ??  I'll try and make it the last...

I need to play this in hard mode.....in one month. Too busy with Halo and Gears beta :-p

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Really enjoyed it while it lasted. Only have one Achievement left for a full GS. Looked great, played decently. Worth playing. Could have been deeper, though.

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