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Ready for something fresh, new, and innovative? Then look no further! Welcome to VGC's OFFICIAL QUANTUM BREAK THREAD!

Here, we'll discuss the basics of the game play, the technology used to run it, and when it releases! Feel free to contribute anything relevant, so we can keep this place alive and pumping trhough the game's April 2016 release!


Also, remember that Quantum Break will have a TV Show 



Set in the fictional east coast university town Riverport, a failed time travel experiment goes horribly wrong. As a result time itself begins to break down causing a multitude of anomalies to occur all over Riverport. Quantum Break's main characters, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Jack's best friend Paul Serene, are caught in the blast of the failed time travel experiment, giving them certain time manipulation powers. Paul Serene ends up disappearing into the time machine, but soon after he returns 17 years older and head of villainous corporation Monarch Solutions. Jack fighting to stop the breakdown of time becomes a obstacle in Paul's treacherous plans resulting in "best friends turned mortal enemies".

Credit: GiantBomb

In Quantum Break, time is just as much an ally as it is a foe. The player has some special abilities when it comes to time manipulation, but occasionally time stutters will freeze the action and shift time in dangerous, uncontrollable ways. It's up to the player to survive.

During time stutters, aspects of the world will pause, but many others will get caught in these indefinite, indecipherable loops. During one of our demos for the game, we saw debris stuck in a time loop where it continually fell, threatening to crush the player. We spoke with narrative designer Greg Louden about the process of designing a world that isn't necessarily in motion and what goes into making it a compelling experience.

Credit: GameInformer



Time Amplified Combat. Blending gunplay with time powers allows players to outsmart and outmaneuver their enemies, creating a unique cat and mouse style of cinematic gunplay.

  • Frozen Scenes of Drama. When time stops, Jack (and the player) get to explore the world from a very unique perspective. Walk right through a riot, taking in every expression and emotion, captured in perfect fidelity.
  • Playable Catastrophes. The breakdown of time causes disasters in the environment that pause, stutter, rewind and freeze, forcing players to strategically use their time powers in order to navigate through the chaos and destruction to safety.

  • ... examples of TIME POWERS:

Time Stop - Hit enemies with Time Stop to slow them down and supercharge your bullets. Inside the Stops area of effect, time runs considerably slower and bullets fired into the area of effect gain power.

  • Time Dodge Quickly move a short distance as time briefly slows down during and after the Time Dodge (when transitioning into aim), allowing the player to pull off spectacular enemy kills.
  • Time Shield Create a shield around yourself to protect from incoming bullets. Great for reloading your weapon under enemy fire. Time Shield also acts as a force field pushing away enemies near you when you trigger the shield.
  • Time Blast Release a fatal Time Blast upon enemies, who are knocked backed, slowed and damaged by the maneuver.
  • At the end of each act of the game, the player gets to play as the villain Paul Serene and makes a choice in a short playable junction moment. These decisions have a significant impact on the story of Quantum Break and what happens to the characters. Junctions in Time will allow you to direct the experience by interacting with the narrative and changing the direction of the show.

  • .......... The TV Show

  • Featuring a stellar cast, the in-game show is a broadcast quality show that is an important piece of the overall story. What you see as part of the in-game show is based on the choices you make in the game. The in-game decisions are combined with the show to illustrate one story perceived in many ways for a completely unique entertainment experience. Play the game to understand the heroes, watch the show to understand the villains.

  • Storyline
  • When Charlie Wincott (a young computer hacker and digital “cleaner” for Monarch Solutions) is contacted by Liam Burke (an elite Security Officer) to help track down Jack Joyce, they begin to see that time is breaking down and the end is coming. As they dig deeper, they uncover not only Serene’s plans, but those of his right hand man, Martin Hatch as they fight to figure out how to survive.

Graphics and Technology

Quantum Break runs on Remedy’s own Northlight engine featuring state of the art graphics engine. Northlight has been developed throughout the history of Remedy and includes a suite of tools that are all designed to enable the best possible gameplay and story-telling.


Game Screens



Show Screens


Release Date

Quantum Break releases worldwide on April 5, 2016 for Xbox One & Windows 10


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 Time Is Power.


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Quantum Break has gone Gold


Hyped for this. Sadly i wont get it first week.

jason1637 said:
Hyped for this. Sadly i wont get it first week.

And why is that, may I ask?



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Thank you for this thread! It's hard not to get overhyped for this game 😋 I think I'll buy it digital so I can pre-download it and fire it up at midnight when it's released.

KiigelHeart said:
Thank you for this thread! It's hard not to get overhyped for this game 😋 I think I'll buy it digital so I can pre-download it and fire it up at midnight when it's released.

Just bought my digital copy yesterday! The fact that it comes with the PC version makes it a steal! And, you're welcome for the thread! :)


I was pretty hyped for this game the other year along with my ongoing love for time manipulation games, but I can't for the love of me be interested in the title with it being locked to an OS and store I don't ever plan on using, not to mention going down a path I don't want to follow.


CGI-Quality said:
jason1637 said:
Hyped for this. Sadly i wont get it first week.

And why is that, may I ask?

March im buying the Division, pokken, and Zelda.

Either I need to find a way to get a better computer or an Xbox One for when this game comes out. Definitely my most hyped game for the Xbox One. :D