Nintendo lovers, how did you feel when Sega finally died?

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I didnt even know until a few years later that they quit the hardware business.

Didnt even realize the Dreamcast existed - until I read the wiki for Sonic Adventure 2 (when I was hyped and was reading about it when it was announced for the gamecube l0l).


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TL:DR version : disliked the sega consoles (long ago), love atlus (today)!

*Id be really sad if Atlus stopped makeing games. So please, support those guys.

Depressed, actually, because they had so much potential, yet they carelessly threw it all away with random Genesis add-ons, poorly handling the Saturn, and finally getting sunken in 2001 because of past mistakes.

Some days I just blow up.

I was like 10.

Well, this is new.


Hardly anyone had the consoles, it was all about the games anyway, and they're still making them.

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I was happy, because I would finally be able to play a Sonic game on my Nintendo Console. But now looking back I think It was a sad day. Partially because I can play Sonic games on Nintendo consoles, but mostly because it would be nice to have a strong Sega again.

I liked the Dreamcast, with Sonic Adventure 2 being one of the first games I've ever played.

I wasn't aware that they died since I was really young, but seeing SA2 on GameCube was cool, I guess.

Saaad man : ( Sega had some of the best games on their systems, especially on the Genesis and Dreamcast. It broke my heart when I heard they were leaving the industry, console wise. I felt Sega hasn't been the same since then. I wish they continued with consoles. Dreamcast was the best.... T_T

Also, oddly enough, I liked both Sega and Ninten back then. I absolutely loved Sonic and Mario, and the games both systems provided.They were both great in my eyes. : )



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I was a little amazed when Sega pulled out of hardware considering I had no clue of how Sega's financials were at the time. I thought they were making a decent turnaround with the Dreamcast but I suppose they just ran out of cash.

My first sega was the sega master system. I was 12. And i never ever liked nin. Not because i hate them. I was cool with it. But sega felt adult audience games. And i never cared about the doom thinking bout sega. I had sms md mega cd 32x saturn dreamcast game gear and even pico for ma kid later on in life. And i enjoyed sega. I even have nijntje and zaxxon sega board games back then. And i was crazy for it. I was not only sad but hurt to a degree of crying. My lifz on the streets was fighting every day. Im still full of scars in my head and stitches of back then. But at home sega didnt fight me. It was my friend. Yeah i know it sounds crazy. Butbthat how i feel avout it. Im almost crying right now.