Nintendo lovers, how did you feel when Sega finally died?

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For generations, I was a fan of Nintendo and a hater of Sega. They made pretty good hardware and had a lot of fun and innovative software (something I didn't accept until the Dreamcast came along) but I liked Nintendo so I automatically hated Sega.  When that day came, I felt incredibly saddened.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I bought a Dreamcast almost exactly ONE WEEK before they announced they would be leaving the hardware business.

Anyway, how did you feel when Nintendo's longtime rival finally lost the battle?

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Well Sega has never died, but I get what you say. And the answer is obviously bad, Sega was great, Dreamcast and Genesis are among the best consoles ever, so very sad.

I was never a Sega hater. I've always been a Nintendo fan since day one, but the more gaming consoles the better. My friends had Sega and we would play Sonic etc. I had Nintendo and we'd play Mario. Both parties had fun.

Now Nintendo is the new Sega to Sony, and Sony is kicking Nintendo's butt. Thankfully Nintendo has tons of money and valuable IPs, but this NX better be launched properly and turn that ship around or...you never know. I feel like public opinion of Nintendo is almost irreversible.

very very very happy like I will be very happy if Sony and Microsoft are giving up the hardware business.

As Nintendo lover I wish all bad things to the others..... not to a person but to the establishment.....

believe!!! love!!!! Like how you call that... feeling... or idea... of believing in something that you never see - you don't have proof that exist apart from maybe some old paper...


I was a die hard Sega fan right until the end and had every one of their consoles, it was only after their demise that I turned to Nintendo with the Gamecube. I was saddened by Sega's demise, but also happy that it lead me to discover the world of Nintendo. I learned a valuable lesson also, that is not to be a blind fanboy loyal to one company, and that there are great gaming experiences to be had across the board. Hence the reason I am a multi-console owner (but still with a slight preference for Nintendo)

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I was a Sega fan back in those days so I felt bad. But I betrayed them and move on to Nintendo, and I'm still a Nintendo fan xDDD

Im still a sega fan.

I didn't even care. Sega was dead long before the Dreamcast finally died. At least around here.

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I didn't feel anything, really. When I was playing my SNES. Sega was just there. I got a Genesis, yeah. But when they "died". It was like nothing happened. Half the time, I didn't know about the Saturn and Dreamcast. It was like they died off with the Genesis. Because the lack of commercials that I saw for them. I never noticed a Sega CD, 32X, or Saturn comerical. And barley remember Dreamcast's.

Well I enjoyed their games more so when they became 3rd party.