WiiU-only owners, would you have bought 3DS games if they were on the U?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - WiiU-only owners, would you have bought 3DS games if they were on the U?

I only own a WiiU and

some 3DS games I'd like to own. 97 90.65%
no 3DS games interest me. 10 9.35%

Yes, Kid Icarus Uprising with Wiimote support plz.

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I do own the 3DS, but yes, I buy games because they are good, not because of what platform they were on.. (if I own that platform that is :p )

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If I was a Nintendo WiiU only owner - I would buy Nintendo 3DS games on the Nintendo WiiU.


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BasilZero said:

If I was a Nintendo WiiU only owner - I would buy Nintendo 3DS games on the Nintendo WiiU.

The OP isn't really addressed to you because you own a 3DS. I think you really enjoy it too.

I wouldn't have bought games like 3D Land and MK7 since there are much better versions on the WiiU. Maybe I would have bought Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus and a couple of other games..

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While I do own a 3DS that I hardly use, I would buy more 3DS games if they were available on Wii U.

A couple of them for sure, like the Fire Emblem titles and Codename S.T.E.A.M.

I don't plan to buy a 3DS or any other dedicate portable gaming device. Still, I would love to play those Fire Emblem games.

So I know I don't entirely qualify ( I have both the Wii U and 3DS), but there are plenty of 3DS games that I wish I could enjoy on the Wii U. I've never been too big of a fan of handheld gaming. They're not the most comfortable to hold and use. I've always seen them as an inferior experience and backup solution for my gaming needs. The idea of the handheld and home console games being interchangeable would be perfect for me. I'm sure I'd still prefer the home console experience, but I'd gladly own the handheld so I can keep the game going while on the move in one way or another. If it worked this way between the Wii U and 3DS, I'd definitely buy more games overall.

I own both, and had my 3DS first. Ever since I graduated from University, I've barely played my 3DS. But that goes for all my consoles too, because work. I think I prefer to play certain games on portable, so even though I don't play during my commutes, playing in bed is still a legit option. Someone mentioned earlier on this thread that he tends to play 3Ds games on the couch in front of the TV. Bro, you should try a more relaxed position. A recliner or bed. Get lost in a portable world ;)

It's been interesting reading the responses. It looks like if this actually happens, the console version of the NX might kill the handheld version. Besides that, Sony will stop making handhelds and kids would just play on tablets

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