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I made a new video on a legit leak that NX will support Unreal 4. Check it out if you get a chance.

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Watched a little, but you don't explain why his information would be credible, other than him having integrity, etc.
With all the leaked info out there about NX, many being unsubstantiated clickbait, I'm not going to go and investigate him to find out.
Especially concerning whether or not it can handle Unreal 4.

Well.. He's actually seen an email forwarded to him from a developer source which was sent from Nintendo stating that it will have unreal 4 support. And the email was encrypted.

Well, if he doesn't have a history of making accurate leaks, which can be easily linked and quantified, all I have to go on is your opinion about his integrity. Which is not easy to determine. It's too time consuming for me to do research about that.
That said, I'm assumng it will support Unreal 4. Would be strange if it didn't.

TBH you would hope they bloody did support it lol. With full features too not watered down version.

If not it is more doomed that the Wii U



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Why wouldn't NX support Unreal 4? It's already 4 years old. Nintendo loves old tried and tested technology.

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Well, it would be completely terrible if NX wouldn't capable of running  UE4!

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I believe him too!

P.s. You got a new subcriber! :)

DélioPT said:
I believe him too!

P.s. You got a new subcriber! :)

Thank you I really appreciate that!

This seemed pretty obivious