9 Minutes of Quantum Break Gameplay on Xbox One!

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Looks like Remedy has another hit on their hands. 

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April can't come soon enough

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Im looking forward to this game but am a little worried it might not perform as well as MS would hope.

darkenergy said:
April can't come soon enough

Same. Day one buy!

There's a TON of screen tearing happening but what's clever about the game's visual design is that the world around them pretty much looks like it's glitching or breaking apart because of the timey wimey thingy so at some points it makes it look like the screen tearing is a design choice rather than a technical issue. LOL.

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This is looking really really good! Another one to add to my wishlist! Would have prefer this gameplay video without the commentary but it'll do.

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I heard this game was something but I never really bothered to check into it much. Now, I see it and I like what I see!!

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I'm still not quite sure what to think of that game, but I'll keep my eye on it.

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Looking good.

The special/time powers look interesting.


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I'm still not sure about the live action sections but this game looks good. Controls look a little clumsy buy would be a must buy if I had an Xbox One.