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A shooter named "Kill the Terrorist".  A game where you are put into a scenario and you have to blow the shit out of terrorists. The pitch? It features every famous terrorist organization EVER. You're an overmuscled or wimpy little ridiculously customizable character, 3rd person view.  

Weapons: Vary depending on era settings - Pikes, swords, guns, grenades, caveman bats

Era: Depends on enemy. When you finish the 1 player mode, you unlock a mode to fight different eras without era relevant weapons.

Enemies: You choose -ISIS, KKK, Al Qaeda, Yakuzu, Joseph Kony,  Nazi's, The bloods and crypts (a threeway battle), Mafia.

Maps?: Completely customizable. Everything from castle battles to Modern army bases or futuristic wastelands.

DLC available soon: Who else could you have as an enemy? James Bond villians -  The MonStars from SpaceJam - Dinosaurs.


Title? "KILL.....THE.....TERRORIST"

ALt Title if the game got too broad: BATTLE



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So generic FPS 2000? What a great idea!

DeusXmachina said:
So generic FPS 2000? What a great idea!

Exactly. But with endless stereotypical scenarios :D

There should also be scenarios when you have to decide between letting terrorists get away or using drone attacks to kill scores of innocent people just to get a few terrorists.

Uknow this smells racism. Kill the terorist. I asume you are provoking 2 billion muslims. I suggest this topic before it goes outta line. Terrorists exist. But u have a different intention

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Bring it to the Wii U then only ship 420 copies!

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Wow, this was hard to read. So racist and xenophobic.

No thanks, I'll just play Counter Strike.

Lol, you can put in the game all the sterotypes possibles (killing arabs, russians, cubans...), blend it with some generic FPS, and I'm sure it would sell like hotcakes, even if it would be totally shit and xenophobic. I have not faith on humanity xDDDDD. And don't forget about male, hormoned, muscled characters. And arabs have to wear long beards, just in case. Sadly there are a lot of these games nowadays, just maybe with some stereotypes at once, not all of them.

I wonder what the "Hatred" developers are waiting to do this.

What a genius, you need to be a game designer...
Rockstar, be ready , this as a potential to surpass gta...