Apple has a $200 billion war chest, should it buy Nintendo and Sega?

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Nintendo will sell smartphones before Apple or Google can buy them... I think Nintendo can be a big challenger  if they create a smartphone with innovation for playing. HC and smartphone are not very différent...

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Apple is not interested in the console/gaming market specifically as of now, this is unlikely as others said. They should buy out Audio companies and small software/electronic companies its a better investments.

They don't have easy access to most of that $200B. It's in various places around the world in different forms. To bring it all to the US I think they have to pay taxes and charges.

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If we assume Apple wants to buy a company, it would be SONY. They can make all SONY music content (which is huge) timed-exclusive to Apple Music and the music streaming race is basically over. They can also push exclusive SONY video content (not as huge) to Apple TV.

The App store on all of the iOS devices is attracting enough video games developers as it is, buying Nintendo would not help Apple grow as a service provider as buying SONY would.

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VaultDweller said:
Wii U - $299
iWii U - $799

Funny and original.

In both cases, however, you are paying for an overpriced product

RolStoppable said:
Apple should buy Sony. They can afford it.

Apple likes to post profits and have wide profit margins. Unless they changed their mind, Sony is clearly not their target.

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Why? They're making way more money doing what they're doing. Video games are a crap shoot gamble at best.

In terms of net worth, Nintendo isn't worth much less than Sony right now, and that's after the worst string of years in Nintendo's history. Why would Apple buy a currently middling video game company instead of a company that can grant them THE console to have as sugar on top of everything else such as Sony Music, Sony Pictures, et alia? Plus they'd have the tech for THE best TVs on the market with Sony, and they'd be able to sell them at the hugely inflated prices Sony used to try to because it's Apple and people are dumb enough to buy Apple no matter what. Buying Nintendo over Sony is really poor planning, something Apple isn't known for doing.

Second, if ANY Western entity buys Nintendo that company immediately loses 1/4 of Nintendo's revenue at least. Japan does not buy Western products with very little exception, so scratch almost all of those profits. If Sony loses Japan it's rough but not nearly as much because Sony is a heavily Westernized company already - though you could make a fairly weak argument that losing Japan would be worse for Sony as well, so it works both ways here.

Third, I'm sure Nintendo employees wouldn't be happy working for a completely different company with different ideals, so you could see a migration away from Nintendo which leaves the company a name rather than a trusted brand. So yeah, you've got Candy Mario Saga now, but nobody's gonna respect Mario anymore if the company exists solely as a license for the characters.

Fourth, I'm sure that if Nintendo got bought out there's some sort of issue that comes forth with The Pokemon Company. Ownership of that license is primarily Nintendo's, but there'd be a court fight over that one, and then Apple could lose its second most important franchise in the buy. This is the weakest of my arguments because this one is highly hypothetical, but it's still worth noting.

Lastly, there could be some legal repercussions of buying up a third of gaming for Apple. There also could be for buying another phone/music/TV conglomerate like Sony. Either option is stupid but one is much less so.

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sethnintendo said:

I believe Sega and Nintendo can refuse a buyout right? Apple surely can't just do a hostile takeover if the companies don't want to be bought out and they own a majority of the stock.  I believe Japanese companies are protected more under their laws from foreign companies buying them out or hostile takeover.

Well, no.  But its really nonsense anyway because you can't really take over a Japanese company.  There are laws that get in the way.