Wii U owners, at this point, do you plan on buying Starfox Zero?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners, at this point, do you plan on buying Starfox Zero?


Yes 192 58.72%
No 135 41.28%

Depends on whether these rumors are true or not.

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Of course. Day 1.


Because I like Star Fox and it looks fun.

They need to make major improvements before I support it. Needs a graphical overhaul. I'll be pissed if Pikmin 3's space scene looks better than Star Fox.

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Not a huge fan of the series, but I will probably try it out. PG and Miyamoto is involved, so how bad can it be?

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The way it was shown at E3 2014 and then branded by E3 2015 made me feel that this game was rushed. It couldn't have even have had a full year of development considering they were still looking for someone by last E3. The game has improved visually since its first showing but not by a huge amount. I assume its going to look better by launch, but I'm not expecting much nor is it my real concern. If they can do the gameplay fluidly so that it means it at least takes time and patience to understand rather than just being impossible after hours of trying.
Yes, I still intend to get it. It'll have to take something really big for me personally to halt my desire to buy a game if I decided to earlier

Yes, I still have faith in it. I'll still buy it even if the game gets a 6 or 7 out of 10 from Nintendolife. Hell, I'd even buy it new months later at a discount if it scored a 5 or 6.

Yes because there's nothing else to play.

Game still doesnt look "well" enough made to make me want to buy it.
Really wish they hadnt bothered rendering everything twice, just so you can aim with your gamepad.

SJReiter said:
Yes because there's nothing else to play.

This is the sad part... 

not a fan of what Ive seen so far from the game, so I def. wont be paying full price for it.

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100% yes. People panic at early videos, complain about how they look or the controls. People hear rumors that the game is broken or doesn't control well and then they over react. It's a game made by platinum and Nintendo, odds are very strong it will be at least an above average game.


I remember seeing videos on Splatoon and thinking it looked stupid and would be a terrible game.  I got it and started playing. I thought the controls were weird at first and started thinking, yup terrible controls like i was worried about. I played for a bit and then all of the sudden the controls seemed great and even more intuitave than without gyro control, and the game ended up being really good.


Don't get me wrong, I am not in the camp that nintendo can do no wrong (I would be very angry if they made a Pikmin for a handheld device, I just think it would lose to much of the great look and feel the game has), I'm just going to give them the benefit of the doubt for things like this.