Wii U owners, at this point, do you plan on buying Starfox Zero?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners, at this point, do you plan on buying Starfox Zero?


Yes 192 58.72%
No 135 41.28%

Why/why not?

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Yes, because it's the only way I can support the Star Fox series at this point.

Some days I just blow up.

Eventually. Mainly because I want to see how well the game is and know of the criticisms that are said about it. I also trust Platinum Games and feel confident that they can do the series justice.

So basically yes I will get it but not day one.

Yes because if Nintendo is smart they'll allow a twin stick option. Even if they don't, I'll most likely buy it because SF0 and TPHD will have to be enough to last me until SMTXFE comes out. (did they ever announce a english title for that game yet?)

Nothing has changed for me since the last Direct I watched. Might not be a Day 1 purchase, but it looks fun.

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At this point, im not 100% sure.Ill wait the reviews then decide.My main concern is the control scheme(the dual screen gimmick), which seems to complicated to control.I mean, you need to watch two screens to play!Other than that, not many issues with the game, and the more inspirations it has from Starfox 64, the better.

I am still in the same "wait and see" mode, ever since I learned that lasers are fired with a shoulder button.

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Probably will, just not on launch (maybe not even this year). I'm kinda skeptical of the quality at this point. The stars are aligning in a fashion which has me believing that Zero might not be as good as we all want to believe it will be. I wanna see and hear whether Star Fox Zero is worth my purchase beforehand.

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I still plan to get it day 1.

No. The game does not interest me. It looks too similar to Star Fox 64 and I've already played Star Fox 64 remake on 3DS. Plus, I don't really care for motion controls/second screen thing; not to mention those simplistic visuals. So yeah... nothing there catches my attention. But I'm sure it will be a good game and those who never had the chance to play Star Fox 64 will surely love it.

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