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Whats the best streaming device?

Playstation4 0 0.00%
WiiU 2 100.00%
Ultrabook 0 0.00%

So i dont have an Android/Apple box but a Wii U, Ps4 and an Ultrabook (i5 ULV cpu + intel HD graphics 4000).

I want to stream video from amazon prime instant video (similar service to Netflix) and have to choose one of those 3 to do it.

Which would you use and why? 

Points to consider: performance, usability, comfort, energy consumption.


MY thought so far

I have to plug in my ultrabook into my TV to watch. So comfort isnt the best.

My ps4 has by far the biggest power consumption, so its probl not the ideal device to stream video.


Thats why atm im using my Wii U. Im open to change this if you have good points.