Realistically Does the Console NX Have Any Chance Against PS4/XB1?

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I think it will fail to beat any of them in sales

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If it is an attempt to join the twins and be a multiplat machine, Nintendo needs a grand slam. 1st party games that capture the imagination of young and old alike, a competitive price point, and good advertising.

I don't think it will be that, however. The inevitable gimmick had better be good this time around, though. One that 3rd party (hell, 1st party) will actually use. One that doesn't piss off players, like unnecessary motion controls or eye-drying 3D.

Nintendo had hinted that it will not just be a stonger WiiU.. So to answer the qustion we need more info.. (How is it different)
is it upgradeable/modular.. Is there some kind of pc/steam possiblitys.. How will it interact with mobil/tablet.. Does it use some new kind of VR.. are there more forms.. will it be cheap or expensive.. And much more..

Point is.. We dont yet know why we should buy it.. what it is it can.. do.. whats the magic..

(AND.. If NX goes on and sell more than ps4.. I think all people would still say that ps4 won this gen.. NX is next gen.. and therefor ahead until ps5/two comes)


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I don't think it has to be #1 or even #2 to be successful & I don't think typical generations actually matter.

With that said, yes. If they play their cards right, they could outsell the XBO (and who knows, maybe even PS4)

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If it's aimed at stealing PS/XB gamers simply by offering multiplats than no, it will fail like Wii U.

However, if they aim to recapture other audiences than it has a chance as long as the concept & execution are strong.

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It all depends on how easy is for 3rd paties to offer support and if Nintendo has big core games ready at launch. If they do, even if the headstart ps4 will have in catalog, nintendo games could make up for it, and by 2017 people will have the money saved since they would have the ps4 for year then.


I myself never owned a Nintendo console (other than the original gameboy), but if they get their act together in relation to good hardware, with Hard drive, good online, good digital store and core nintendo games, remaster and/or backwards compability. I would buy in a heartbeat, even if the hardware wasn't as good as ps4.

Nintendo has a track record of designing their console to cater mostly to their own games. So no, I don't think it's going to be more powerful.

All depends on launch window. Same ballpark performance as ps4/xb1 is a death sentence without a differentiator. if they are launching this year then I doubt they can make it cheap enough while also making it powerful enough or have enough 3rd party support to give it a chance.

No but Nintendo shouldn't think about that. All they need to do is improve upon what they did with the Wii u. If they can sell over 30m at least, their software sales will rise as well.