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Were you invited for The Tomorrow Children beta? A second test is starting today.

From Q-Games

We're going back into the Void! The portal will be open for a full 24 hours, starting on Sunday, February 7th.

24 Hour Beta Session Schedule
Starting 2/7 (Sun) at:
8PM (AUS-Sydney)
12PM (SAU)

You'll be able to load up the beta from last time, and if you unfortunately deleted it, you should be able to re-download it from your Library.

We'll meet again, comrades!

Some additional information, courtesy of Japan Studio (thanks guys!)

In light of the issues experienced during the closed beta test session, in addition to a large number of requests for additional chance to play the game for an extended period, we are happy to announce that we will be conducting another closed beta test session that will be held for 24hrs.

If you were unable to join due to time conflict, or if you wanted to play more, this will be a great chance to participate and experience The Tomorrow Children.

*If you have already deleted the application from your PS4, the app will be available for download from the PS Store.

-An unique experience in rebuilding civilization as a community

The Tomorrow Children offers a variety of activities that will ultimately help achieve our cause of restoring the human civilization. Traveling between towns and islands, gathering resources, constructing town facilities, restoring the population using Matryoshka Dolls, developing your character, are just few examples of what is on offer.

While other players are also present in towns, they become visible only when they take certain actions. As there are no direct communications between players, you may choose to learn from others by observing or you may simply choose to part take in a completely different activity. You may be faced with obstacles, or players may get in your way. Likewise, actions you take could hinder other players. However, this is all part of how this world works. Enjoy exploring the world as you seek out the role best for you.

-Additional Changes Implemented

Thanks to your participation in the Beta test, we have been able to gather some valuable comments and data to better The Tomorrow Children. For this upcoming session, we have made some changes to address issues and comments received from our players.

-Measures to avoid disconnection from the game server.

We have added TOWN SELECT to the title menu to allow players to select other towns when experiencing disconnection issues. Should you experience an error while travelling to other towns, please close and restart the application, select TOWN SELECT from the title menu and choose a town that is different from your previous destination.

-Fighting Izvergs are now easier

Many players pointed out that Izvergs attacks are too frequent. In order to address this, we have reduced the price of high performance weapons as follows:

- EagleCorp Shotgun Before: $100 After: $75
- EagleCorp Launcher Before: $250 After: $200

Additionally, to allow players to use the Anti-Izverg Turret consistently, we have adjusted the difficulty of creating Anti-Izverg Shells by no longer requiring the presence of a “Police Booth” in town.

-Allowing more facilities to be built in town

The following facilities' construction costs have been reduced to allow more facilities to be built in town. In order to build more facilities, you will need to develop your town by leveling up the Town Hall or increase the Magnitude Mandate limit by building Monuments.

- Domicile Before: 20 After: 10
- Ministry of Labor Before: 100 After: 50
- Rescue Apparatus Before: 100 After: 50
- Police Booth Before: 30 After: 20
- Tool shops Before: 30 After: 20

-Adjusting the Disassembler

We have adjusted the Disassembler so that facilities cannot be destroyed easily.

- Normal tool use Before: x10 After: x3
- Black Market Use Before: x30 After: x10
- Black Market price Before: $100 After: $200

-Frequently asked questions
1) I can’t change the camera settings during the tutorial.

The camera setting will become available once you complete the tutorial. Once you have entered a town, open OPTIONS to change the camera settings.

2) I died because Retashi (killer mosquitos) would not stop following me.

Retashi lock onto a player and follow them. You can escape by leaving enough distance between yourself and the Retashi, or you can attack them with a Shotgun which is the most effective tool to eliminate them. Press the L2 button while holding a Shotgun to aim and R2 button to fire.

3) I can't identify the facilities
When you look to the facility while in first person view, the facility name will appear. If the facility name does not appear, you may be too far away from the facility. Move closer to the facility and switch to first person view.

Thank you again for taking part in the Tomorrow Children closed beta test.

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Wasn't this game suppose to come out last year?

Darn Sony how come i wasnt invite to try it.... Grrrr!!

Are none of you playing.

Don't copy random editorials.

i wasnt invented neither on my japanese account :(