Does taking a game to kickstarter make you want it less?

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I've supported 5 successful projects on Kickstarter (DemonWars tabletop RPG, Pier Solar HD, Yooka Laylee, Bloodstained, and Bard's Tale 4). So far the table top game (a really awesome high quality rule book and campaign guide from author RA Salvatore) and Pier Solar have been delivered. Nothing has really happened so far to make me want Kickstarter games less. The other three games on my list are all scheduled to be released in 2016 and 2017. But I'm realistic. I know they will be pushed back, just like a good portion of publisher-backed games. This is commonplace in the industry and it should always be expected.

There were some hiccups in the Pier Solar project. Mainly that the game was released digitally about a year before we got our physical copies. Not sure what the holdup was. Maybe they ran out of money and had to fund the physical releases with the sales of the digital copy. I don't know. And some backers are claiming they still haven't gotten theirs. But the fact is that I got my game (physical DRM-free PC version) and it's great. Even the base physical copy is put together well. So I can't really complain.

Regarding the other three games I have backed, I trust IGA, the former RARE guys, and The Wasteland 2 guys to get me my game and any physical rewards I deserve. If I get burned, maybe I'll change my tune. But so far so good.

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Mr Puggsly said:
There is certainly a stigma from numerous Kickstarter projects thus far. Bottom line, Kickstarter is better than nothing. If Kickstarter was the only viable way to make something like Shenmue 3 happen, I'll take it.

I don't remember the last time I completely agreed to one of your comments...

But I just did.

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think-man said:
ThatDanishGamer said:
Does taking a game to Kickstarter make you want it less?

No, but the the quality Kickstarter games are often to low and many of the games are only half games because they failed to reach the stretch goals.

That's the thing aswell i feel these kickstarter projects majorly under estimate the cost and time it takes to develop a game. I would only want to release something i thought was perfect 

That could be a problem for your campaign it will look very expensive compared to all the other stuff out there so your proof of concept/trailer will have to really impressive.

Don't copy random editorials.

I have no problem with kickstarter apart from companies with money asking for money from gamers.

KICKSTARTER should mean just that. A chance for someone new to kick start their project/company to success and hopefully grow beyond the need of kickstarter.



Not really, as long as the game is good, that is enough for me

But that said, I don't back Kickstarter games and usually don't get them either

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What's the harm in it? These are, usually, small time developers with very little money. All they're asking is that with a little faith and some history of their previous work, maybe you'd want to help support a game they're making. Seems harmless to me.


It's not usually a choice, BTW. It takes tens of millions of dollars to make the average AAA title. People have to start somewhere. I find indie developers try way harder to make a good product, instead of just relying the developer's name to push sales.

I only really mind when big name companies try to kickstart things, it doesn't go well.

i cant argue until i get to experience the final software i backed: Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained

The biggest issues, from the dev side of things IMO, are carefully but firmly managing investor expectations, as well as not going too balls-out-crazy with backer rewards. Also, going the kickstarter route means you will have other people's money in your hands and a commitment to finish what you promised. This might be the motivation necessary for some people to get off their duffs and finish something already, but for others it may seriously backfire.

Not really. Though I am cautious when funding games. If all they have is concept art and a lot of promise I tend to stay away, but if they have some gameplay then I am more inclined to to fund the project.