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Something's definitely brewing! I can feel it!


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Fei-Hung said:
They have been teasing Crash since this advert.


Look at the sign at 1:35.

Street fighter was teased in this ad too.

Yeah I remember the speculations about taxi driver Ryu.

Maybe they will copy Hashimoto's FF7 troll and bring us an HD port of the original Crash game first.

Didn't that one guy have a crash shirt at that PSX event? It's def happening, after pulling that stunt.



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BraLoD said:
golfgt170 said:
Im quite surprised that sony LISTENED and is bringing all those games to ps4 ( TLG, Senmue, FFremake etc). Why not Crash aswell? I think an announcement is bound to happen!

What about listening to lil' BraLoD and bring damn LoD back as well!?
That Sony doesn't do D:

They want to bring back games that actually sold

I hope something does happen, Knack killed Mario but Crash will bury him


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Be careful what you wish for. Crash is a casualty of a bygone era, and at the absolute best all you'll get is either a completely different game or a short, fun $20 download. This sort of gameplay style was defined by the hardware limitations, and emulating it with improvements in the modern day is a very risky move to do the way fans want (1080p beautiful graphics and a bunch of unique worlds), especially when Sony can't even get wonderful games like Tearaway to sell.

I wouldn't hope for a bad Crash game, but temper your expectations, coming from a realist here with no bias one way or another. This is something far more likely to turn out poorly than well.

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I still have hope!

please let it be true

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The more accurate description is:

"The most demanded character...Where are you crash?"



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Crash is gone missing since 2008, no matter what happened to this guy for a long time.

The guy with his t-shirt could be a message for E3 2016... Hmm.. *solves puzzle* September 9, 1996, that's Crash's birthday. He'll be revealed on June 2016.


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