Are You A Casual, Core Or Hardcore Gamer?

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Are You A Casual, Core Or Hardcore Gamer?

Casual 29 12.78%
Core 127 55.95%
Hardcore 71 31.28%
Uabit said:
Very hardcore. I barely play on consoles now.

hat very much looks like you're saying you can't be hardcore if you're a console owner. Let me guess what you play on.


The PS5 Exists. 

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I'd say im inbetween (casual with Wii U and hardcore with PS4). Depends on the game as well.

I'd probably say core. I play games, but not like a ton of them. I just play a little bit of what I like.



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It depends on whether there are games I want to play. Most of the time I'm just playing something random on Steam once or twice a week while waiting for the big games to come out. When there's something I REALLY like, I usually play non-stop until I complete it so I'd say I'm a core gamer.

I consider myself hardcore gamer because almost all of my free time is spent playing games or arguing about games on internet forums and image boards.

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Define those terms. Depending on the definitions, I think I could be any of those.

Don't game daily anymore, but still enough to be a core gamer, besides I am posting on this site, so I can't be a casual

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Im a Nintender.

Hardcore. I still play Runescape to this day, going on 11 years. My dedication is unwavering.

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Hardcore-lly Casual.

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