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Self diagnosing is the worst thing you could do. First of ll you will probably be wrong and second of all it doesn't help your current situation. Probably makes it worse when you start imagining some of the symptoms you think you should have.

If you don't want to spend money on your health(aka the thing that makes you money in the first place) then you have no other option than to tough it out.

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PenguinZ said:

If you think you have Botulism, then that's certainly fatal in almost all cases.

What?  No, it's not.  It's very serious but it's far from 100% fatal, especially if diagnosed early.

Dude. Call an ambulance. Fuck the insurance or the Premiums. You need to go to the doctor and get checked. I know about Food Poisoning. I was diagnosed with food poisoning back in 2008 from eating bad meat from Del Taco. I was throwing up and had the most severe diarrhea. I went to the hospital after it felt like my insides were being stabbed by a razor blade. Eventually I went to the toilet and a whole pound of blood just came gushing out. Because of that I now have severe IBS symptoms and Small Instestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) that my doctors and I are still trying to cure. Thanks, Del Taco! 

In other words, go to the hospital, and call an ambulance or a Taxi if you need a ride. Or call a friend or family member, if you have any. But yeah. You need to go. The hospital won't bill you for going to the ER and have to, by law, see you, regardless of your income. You'll probably get a bill after the fact, because America. (Vote Bernie Sanders if you want free Healthcare). But, for now, go to the docs. Food poisoning ruined my f***ing life. Don't let it ruin yours. Even if you are concerned, go! Doctors will take care of you. Mostly...

Good luck. Keep us updated.

Just my humble opinion...you HAVE to go to the hospital. Muscle pain and fever are not normal with food poisoning. Knock on a neighbor's door and just plain ask. Wave down a car. It's doesn't matter if it's inconvenient--IT HAS TO HAPPEN. For all you know there's a bug that's destroying your whole system right now and the only thing that can stop it is antibiotics. That kind of illness is the type of thing that can easily kill you if not taken care of.

pokoko said:
PenguinZ said:

If you think you have Botulism, then that's certainly fatal in almost all cases.

What?  No, it's not.  It's very serious but it's far from 100% fatal, especially if diagnosed early.


Without treatment, its practically a coin flip.

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Farsala said:
StarOcean said:
Can you call an ambulance? Or have you called the local poison control center? I'd call the poison control center immediately if I were you

Ambulance is too expensive for me right now even with healthcare. If it is as low as $20 fee, would be a huge impact. But I am sure it is more.


As for Poison control center I might consider that, Problem is I feel no symptoms until I move around. If it is as severe as Botulism, I might need proper proof since I ate from government unexpired cans.

Well, keep us updated on any symptoms as they come. I only studied medicine for a short time, but what you have seems to be severe enough to need medical assistence, even if you'd rather not see them this does sound bad :L

I had food poisoning when I was 16. On my holidays, got chicken in a restaurant and it was under cooked. 2 hours later I was on a golf course with my cousin. We were on the 3Rd whole when my vision started going blurry. I felt 100% fine but I couldn't fucking focus. It was freaky. So I make it to the 5th and I tell my cousin I'm not feeling well and we head in.

I call my mother and I get a lift. By now my stomach is aching pretty bad and my vision is fucked. So I go to bed. I woke up an hour later and puked for 30mins. Went back to sleep and when I woke up 4 hours later I felt drained but better.

The next day I was fine. I took no medicine or anything. So you'll probably be ok but if you want my advice get to the hospital. I'm not giving you advice to stay because what if something bad happens.

Sounds to me like you got an early stage kidney infection or pneumonia. Same symptoms I had.

You have two options (assuming this is day one).

1. Drink lots of water and piss it out, hopefully it will flush the kidney of any bacteria. However, next day if you are not fine then go to a hospital as it is probably pneumonia or a serious infection.

2. If you are not a gambler or high roller - go to a hospital now as it could also be several other things.



I don't really have any advice in this case except what almost everyone said... go to the hospital no matter the way as long as you are not risking yourself. Your health is more important than the money, you can get it back later.

I hope you get better dude

Go to the hospital, dude. At the very least, find a friend to stay with you. Good luck.